Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rename the Holidays!

Inspired by a horrible joke I made this past Friday, I have decide all the Holidays need renaming.

New Year's Day - Broken Promises Day

Groundhog day - Sucker's End to Winter

MLK - White Guilt Day

Valentine's day - Desperately Trying to Get Laid Day

President's day - Trilateral Commission Figurehead's Day

St Patrick's day - Green Beer is Gross Day

April Fool's day - Sarah Palin Day

Easter - Zombie Jew Day

Earth Day - Dirty Hippie Day

Cinco de Mayo - Tequilla Regret Day

Mother's Day - Guilt Trip Day

Memorial day - Bring Out Your Dead Day

Father's Day - Sperm Donor Day

Independence day - Screw You Britain Day

Labor Day - Union's Slow Death Day

Columbus Day - Indian Genocide Day

Halloween - Slut Night

Veterans day - Bring out those that aren't dead yet.

Thanksgiving - Fight with the Family Day

Christmas - Free Shit Day
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