Monday, February 15, 2010

Music Monday: Rock Sugar


I really try not to swear here.  In life I can talk like a sailor.  But here I am actually attempting to express myself, which means expanding the vocabulary a bit and trying to use other words.  I fail at this, but I have kept the swearing down to a minimum.  But today I have NO CHOICE.  There is no other word in the English Language to describe to you what you are about to experience.  None.  I've tried.  I ate breakfast, I drank a cup of coffee and the word did not come to me.  What you are about to listen to, and I warn you now if you are sensitive do not hit play and skip this post, is completely and utterly fucked up.

Rock Sugar

Now, as you know, I love Mash-ups.  A big fan, without a doubt.  But I have not delved into the world of Performed Mash-Ups.  I just did not think it would work or have the same feel to them.  But this morning I came across something frightening. A band mixing Pop Songs with Metal/Hair Band songs.

Let me explain something, I FUCKING HATE METAL.  and hair bands.  HATE.  Violently, passionately.  With the heat of a thousand suns.  I hate it worse than I hate NASCAR.  I was the perfect age to love both Genres, but somehow I grew to despise them.  Extreme was from my hometown, and this embarrasses me, as I grew up in such a nice little town.  But I am surrounded by suburban white friends of simillar age and background that at least enjoy the cheese value of Hair Bands, or who lost their virginities to Metalica or Pantera.  I am not posting this for those friends.  They know I would never do such a thing as the vile of my hatred runs deeper than the bonds of our friendship.

I post this for you to give credit for Genius.  This bands takes a song I hate and plays it with a song I love.  Forcing my brain to melt and emotions to conflict.  ARRRRRRRTGGGGGTGHGJFSKAETLH"Q!!!!~!

So I yield, and I share this with you.  Enjoy, or scream, or cry, whatever is appropriate for you.

Don't Stop the Sandman

Prayin' for a Sweet Weekend

Shook Me Like a Prayer

We Will Kickstart Your Rhapsody

Quick teases of the album.  (That link won't open the way I want it to.  It's better on their site, but it works here, just looks ugly.  Open in a new tab!  One that link just click the listen now button.)

3 last things
1) My wife is going to buy this album the moment she gets home from work.  No marriage is perfect.
2) This is 1000x better than those Steel Panther losers.  Fuck them.
3) Nerdcore is no longer my favorite blog.  It is RenĂ©'s fault that I had to suffer like this on a Monday morning.  Thank/Blame him as is appropriate.
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