Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7 more random things

Oh the essays and gags I had planned for this space today.  But I am tired.  Due to a lack of coffee and the random blinking of my car headlights at 4am.  So I dig deep into the random and awesome bins to save my arse.

I/ Replacing World Landmarks with Cheap Souvenirs.

II/ Respectful Yo Mamma Jokes.

Yo mama is so attractive she could be on the cover ofPrevention.

III/ Inkubator Comics. This is my buddy Jordan's just started illustration project, about wrestlers from the 80's and 90's.  Actually, he's a bit of a verbose bastard so read his take on it, know you heard about it from me first, and then watch him get sidetracked into greatness.

IV/ Stargate Ikea.

V/ When Anime Fan Subs Go Wrong

VI/ Audioization / Visualization of a Day of Boston's MBTA.

VII/ OK GO talk about Music Videos and embedding them onto blogs.  Honest, fair, and boy is Vimeo going to start gaining hardcore on youtube.

The catch: the software that pays out those tiny sums doesn’t pay if a video is embedded. This means our label doesn’t get their hard-won share of the pie if our video is played on your blog, so (surprise, surprise) they won’t let us be on your blog. And, voilá: four years after we posted our first homemade videos to YouTube and they spread across the globe faster than swine flu, making our bassist’s glasses recognizable to 70-year-olds in Wichita and 5-year-olds in Seoul and eventually turning a tidy little profit for EMI, we’re – unbelievably – stuck in the position of arguing with our own label about the merits of having our videos be easily shared. It’s like the world has gone backwards.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo
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