Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Random things

I/ The Fabrik Project - from my random crap folder.  I cannot remember why I bookmarked this site.  And like that entire folder, have no idea where I found it from.  But the art is crazy good.  Check them out.

II/ The History of Mini-Golf  From my Awesome folder.  As with Random Crap I have no idea where I found these links.  But Mini-golf has a long and fascinating history.  Read up on it!

III/ The Smeg List From the Awesome folder.  A list of everytime and every variation of the word Smeg used in Red Dwarf.  If you know what Red Dwarf is you are a hopeless geek.  If you do not know what Red Dwarf is, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!  Walk away and forget you even heard the name.

IV/ Girls Making Boy Sounds Fucking brilliant.  Holy crap this site is awesome.  Girls submit your best attepts at boy sounds, but please try doing the Sportscenter theme, lasers, robot, or explosion.

V/ The Daily Dirt For those that know what the Dirt was, Yer Ol' Pal Jerky has posted complete archives online for download.  If you don't know, then here are the first and last issues of this e-newsletter from around the turn of the century.    Jerky is doing what he can to re-ignite the flames of the Dirt on Facebook.  So read and follow if need be.  Gossip, conspiracy, insults, bad jokes, a different view of history, this one had it all.  You miss out on the porn ads though.  Don't give me that look!  I was in my 20's and not getting any!

Yeah, I'm messed up, but it's all good.
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