Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Twitter Twailbag Twednesday: Wednesday the 13th!!

I will find a way to quote you properly in a blog Twitter.  I don;'t care how much you hate blogs, or how cool you think you are.  Your site and service actually suck, it's the people that make it what it is.

  1. Claudio MiguelClaudio_Miguel @Dj_Flava Yo Pip.... I'mma start some bonding feel good stuff in a minute to Purchase... Probably sending it 2morrow! So we can Rap this up!

No! None of that touchy feely crap! Back to the drawing board!

  1. TomBoo2AGoose @Scroobiuspipyo careful pip.. it goes against all you stand for... keep those eyes on the little box with the video in

How do you know what I stand for?!?! I am not just going to stare into that box my whole life. I have things to do!

  1. RLF Robbedofwit @pipgeng gee pip, you're such an inspiration.

Do I bring meaning to your life? Do I bring feeling to your life?

  1. Susan Kriegersjjk Bekijkt " is part chat application, part location service, part Twitter and Facebook app, and part platform. " (zie nextweb)

I heard it's like Google Wave, but better!  Something people can actually use! I don't care, I just want my royalty check for the name.

  1. Erik MilkeErik_Milke @pipmyridee I like your style pip.

That is the first time in my entire life I have heard that compliment before.

  1. Andrew Malenettpar @pip I think it's the general observation I agree with rather than his specific case.

Life is all about the details though. It's all nice to think theory, but what happens when it's real?

  1. M LopezBillyBadAss76 @flirtchica "in pip's accent" Well I must say I do not fancy that at all. Hahaha. But I'm flattered LMFAO.

I do not have an accent. I may not like my voice, but I don't have an accent.

  1. Erika KhannaErika_123456 lazy day, watching mtv and punk'd with PIP and then getting ready to go play tennis with Jess coooool

What?!? I have not watched MTV in a decade. Between the lack of music, the 6 minute commercials breaks, and the horrible dating and reality shows, the network is a waste of bandwidth.  But say hi to Jess for me!

  1. jade mairMairJadeee @pipipipip pip,this is beaut and i know you will appreciate it. excitedtotakephotosofyourface.

You got the link wrong. So now we will never know how much I would like it.

  1. Pallavi MenonPallaviM @GKM77 Guess where Pip is staying tonight????

The same place I spend every night?  In bed with my wife.

  1. LuckyDog CanineAdventure Pip

It's nice and all, but can people stop naming their pets after me, please! I hate it.

  1. PipPipWilson @alantshearer Arch Duke Pip, I like that.. I like that a lot.... ;-D

That's right it does sound nice, and remember, you poser, that I am the Arch Duke, not you!

  1. Bernard WalshGetMeJustice Confused about Florida’s PIP insurance? Follow this link to better understand your rights:

Is Florida that scared of me that sell insurance in case I ever visit again? Look I am sorry about that theme park and the thing with the chickens really was not me. The hookers, well yeah I'm guilty of that, but I paid the fine!

  1. I iz Zaczacflurry We know that pip's route is fast.

Fast, like your Mom.

  1. Julian Burgessaubergene RT @pip: estrongs file explorer on android. - supports samba and FTP. highly recommended!

You have an android?  You must like paying Verizon's obscene phone bill each month.  Enjoy your crappy phone and throwing your money away, poser.

  1. Jenny DeMilojennydemilo today is really lazy Sunday, wheres my red vines ad mister pip?

It's Mr Pibb.  And they no longer make it.  Mister Pip is a novel.

  1. johnsinkewichjohncool121 @PipdogtvCP that s going to be a rockin website you have pip

Sure, once I actually start working on a website, it will be rockin.  Because I have several cool web designer friends that would kill me if I made a crappy website.

So who would have more trouble with the word Twitter?  Elmer Fudd or Porky Pig?

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