Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twitter Twailbag Twednesday 1-6-10

  1. Louise ListerLouiseLister 
    @Piiiiip Exactly, so I don't see why it would me? Jeez, why did you have to put 5 i's in your Pip :P I have to sit there and count. :L

    Cut-n-Paste is the speed dial for the 21st century, dear.  As long as you can CnP, then you don;t ever need to know how to spell.

  2. Dave AndersonSingletrackDave 
    Pip is rated to -7 as long as there's snow to play in.

    I'm only a -7?  My last resolution for 2kX: Try harder to suck!  (my goal is -8.5)

  3. captainorangecaptainorange 
    @ianmcquillan if you need to borrow Pip for a few days...

    I am not a frigging library book!  I am not a netflix disc!

  4. Emily Moorhouseyoufoneium892 
    @amaris1095 I'm reading that too! How far are you into it? I'm on ch..XVII, whatever that is. When Pip's sister gets beaten/(mentally)sick.

    My sister has never been beaten!  She is undefeated!

  5. Jason Gignacjasonpgignac 
    @BkClubCare wait... What is Mr Pip?

    Once in college I had a girl I was crushing on ask me who I was.  I wrote a poem about it, a poem she dismissed as avoiding the question.  She also got me to read Ayn Rand.  I have never forgiven her for the Ayn Rand thing, as a form of protest I shall never answer that question again.

  6. Maree Fieldjustaddbooks 
    @BkClubCare @pookasluagh - *butting in* I hate Dickens. But I LOVED Mister Pip \o/

    Well thank you!  I have to agree, I hate Dickens and love me!

  7. Brendan AdkinsBr3nd4nn 
    Aw did pip leave?

    People have been trying to get rid of me for years.  With no luck.

  8. Stephanie BarrettKittygurl1111 
    @heilkitler if Pip could have a three way with any two other people, who would it be?

    The wife and Kate Beckinsale. ;)

  9. Dave Leecostello_music 
    watching HBP on blu-ray with the PIP extras =D woo!

    HBP sucked!  The book was a mystery Novel and they took the Mystery out of it.  they took out all the suspensful build up of Draco out of it.  They took Weasly is our King out of it.  They took the build up of Harry - Ginny and Ron - Hermione out of it.  2.5hrs of film cannot do that book justice.  I hate the HP movies!  My rants are all the extra needed!

  10. Bob Mackinbobmackin 
    Palindrome day? Well then, happy day to anyone named Bob, Anna, Hannah, Eve, Viv, Elle, Lol, Natan, Otto and Pip.

    Pallindrome day was great!  There is another one on Novermber 2nd, 2011.

  11. Erin WebbLunna1969 
    @dannysgirlsg1 Pip what is the score...i just saw that the game is on...and its killing me a little!

    Right now the Pats are tied with the Texans 7-7, with the Pats driving in the 2nd quarter.  

  12. I'll never tellThe_Gossip_Boy 
    Don't go overboard, Pip.You don't know me very well, do you.

    Someday I'll figure out the best way to quote tweets into a blog post.  I will not be stopped on this matter Twitter, no matter how much you hate real blogging, it is not going anywhere!!!

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