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Top Ten Friday Night: Best of the Year/Decade

One of my biggest Pet Peeves are end of the year lists that come out before the year is over.  I get violently angry over this.  Why can't you write the thing, sit on it until January just in case something happens in December.  Spot number 98 on my TTFN posts have been reserved for a list that I want to mock.  This one is EPIC.  It is a worst of the year list, that leaves off the person who had the worst year ever in 2009!  I won't get into until we get there, but oh man was I pissed.  So pissed that they deleted comments of mine both on their site and on Google's SideWiki.  Anyway I don't care if you have seen Avatar or not, the year isn't over and the movie was not even out before you published your list!!

100.  Let's start nice and easy with Google's annual Zeitgeist.  And wow, Michael Jackson was number one.

98. The Fail Blog's Biggest Fails of 2009.  They screwed up not just the top spot, but the second and third spots as well.  There really were 3 fails bigger than any on their list.   THREE?!?!  Yes, three fails.  So it should have been:

1. Tiger Woods
2. The Fail Blog, for forgetting Tiger Woods.
3. Every site that linked to the Fail Blog's Fails of the Year without laughing at them for forgetting Tiger Woods.
4. Kanye West can be number 4.

97.  Moviephone's annual user poll.  Not so much A top ten list as 20 top 5 lists, think of it as their MTV Movies awards.....  Still interesting to see what people were willing to say they liked behind a secret ballot.

10. Which actor gave the best performance?
George Clooney, 'Up in the Air' - 29%
Morgan Freeman, 'Invictus' - 24%
Viggo Mortensen, 'The Road' - 16%
Matt Damon, 'The Informant!' - 15%
Daniel Day-Lewis, 'Nine' - 8%
Jeff Bridges, 'Crazy Heart' - 7%

83.  The Ten Worst Marketing Blunders of 2009.  Smart enough to fix their list, when events make it look bad.

(Originally #9 — Who knew?)

Because I have a really limited imagination I thought the big celeb marketing mishap story of the year would be Michael Vick’s failed attempt to become a spokesperson for PETA. Then along came Tiger who prefers women with bad nose jobs to the Swedish bikini model he is actually married to. The story broke on Nov. 27th, when Mrs. Woods apparently decided to prove her own golfing expertise. This was unfortunate for Accenture which two days earlier had kicked off its annual Tiger campaign. A print ad which ran in the Nov. 30th Wall Street Journal featured Tiger Woods walking in the rough under the headline: “The road to high performance isn’t always paved.” And watch out for the trees and fire hydrants. Accenture has since declawed its Tiger connection.

81. Forbidden Planet gives us Molly Crabapple's favorites of 2009.  Among other things Molly is an incredible illustrator, it is nice to know a little of her background for perspective on her favorites.

FPI: Can you pick three books which you especially enjoyed over the last twelve months and tell us why you singled them out?

Molly: Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, Ho’s Hookers Call Girls and Rent Boys, edited by David Henry Sterry- incredibly smart, funny, unsentimental writing about the sex industry - Secret Identity: the Fetish Art of Superman Co-Creator Joe Schuster.

76.  Go download the Top Mashups of 2009.  via

#1) DJ Schmolli “The Trooper Believer”
#2) dj BC “Everybody’s Everywhere Girl”
#3) ABX of the Hood Internet “Comfortable Up Here”
#4) Dan Mei & Marc Johnce “My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?)”
#5) G3RSt “XXX Girl from Ipanema”
#6) Frogthedawg “Westside Godzilla Connection”
#7) DJ Paul V. “I Might Like Ghosts Better”
#8) Overdub “Mixed Farm”
#9) CjR Mix “Call Me Uprising”
#10) Pheugoo “Hurt Wit Chu”
#11) Mighty Mike “Dead Teardrop”
#12) Voicedude “Strange Diggity”
#13) Hathbanger “Party and Bullshit (In the U.S.A.)”
#14) DJ Zebra “Rock The Hobo”
#15) Clive$ter “Say Yes and Fly Away”

66.  You know me, I am obsessed with round numbers!  The top 100 comics of 2009! Apparently it's in 4 parts.

#91. G-Man: Cape Crisis
Written and Illustrated By: Chris Giarrusso
Published By: Image Comics

Anyone who only knows Chris Giarrusso as "The Mini Marvels Guy" needs to pick this series up and see what they've been missing. Giarrusso writes with a great sense of humor, and the relationship between G-Man and his brother Great Man will immediately resonate with brothers and sisters everywhere. A fantastic all-ages book.

59.  I  am breaking my rule about no slideshows.  Have you noticed it's the websites of the MSM that use slideshows the most.  They will learn eventually.  The list that got me to break my rule was too good to skip, the Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2009!  Arrrr!  Most of the movies on this list are not worth paying the $11 for at the theaters, so it makes sense for people to pirate them.

No. 5 'Twilight'
(Summit Entertainment)
So tween girls are also masters of the Bit Torrent, eh? Or perhaps internet guys were too ashamed to go see "Twilight" in the theater and felt more comfortable crying watching from the comfort of their own homes. "Twilight" came in at no. 5 with 8.7 million downloads.

56.  Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009.  How many of these did you miss?

5. Europe Blocks US Toxic Products

Scientific American, September 30, 2008
Title: “European Chemical Clampdown Reaches Across Atlantic”
Author: David Biello

Environmental Defense Fund, September 30, 2008
Title: “How Europe’s New Chemical Rules Affect US”

Democracy Now! February 24, 2009
Title: “US Lags Behind Europe in Regulating Toxicity of Everyday Products”
Author: Mark Schapiro

Student Researchers: Caitlin Ruxton (SSU), Annie Sexton, Gwendolyn Brack, Hallie Fischer, Bernadette Gorman, Paige Henderson, Daryl Mowrey, and Taylor Prodromos
Faculty Evaluators: Robert Girling, PhD, and Jeanette Pope, Professor of Geology
Sonoma State University and DePauw University

US deregulation of toxic substances, such as lead in lipsticks, mercury in electronics, and phthalates (endocrine disruptors) in baby toys, may not only pose disastrous consequences to our health, but also to our economic and political status in the world. International markets are moving toward a European model of insisting on environmental and consumer safety. A European-led revolution in chemical regulation that requires that thousands of chemicals finally be assessed for their potentially toxic effects on human beings and the environment signals the end of American industry’s ability to withhold critical data from the public.

54.  11 Most Disappointing Movies of the Decade.

11. "Wedding Crashers" (2005)

This photo sums up the truth about "Wedding Crashers".

I've had long, brutal debates about whether "Wedding Crashers" is any good and, ultimately, my argument always goes back to one main, irrefutable point: This movie starts with eight minutes of wedding crashing, then spends almost all of its remaining 111 minutes on an island off the coast of Maryland. I wanted wedding crashing and this movie gave me "lame romantic comedy."

Saying this movie is about wedding crashing would be like writing a book about Brett Favre's career and calling it "Brett Favre: Atlanta Falcons Quarterback."

43.  Passive Aggressive Notes gives us the year 2009, summed up in random notes left in random places.

41.  The biggest stories in the Boston Sports Media for the decade.  My only issue with this list is that it skips over the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, and the KG / Ray Allen trades in favor of media on media stories.  I understand why, because I am a regular reader of the blog, but I still think it's silly to skip over two stories of that nature.  The only real criticism I can level is that KG and Ray Allen aren't even mentioned in the honorable mentions sections.  Boston is a baseball town first, and 17 championships later, basketball is third at best.

#10 Media Free Agency
#9 Curt Schilling Arrives, Joins SoSH, Starts Blogging
#8 Manny Ramirez Becomes The Easiest Target Ever
#7 A-Rod is Coming…Wait, No He’s Not…
#6 The Death of Will McDonough (and others)
#5 The Brady/Bledsoe Decision
#4 Plagiarism Scandals
#3 The Dominance of WEEI, the Decline of Newspapers
#2 Spygate
Top Sports Media Story of the Decade – Red Sox win 2004 World Series

33.  10 Sexiest Nerds of 2009.  No complaints, at all.

2. Alyson Hannigan

Just look at Alyson Hannigan. The girl defines nerd (and I mean that in the most flattering way possible). A sexy, adorably cute redhead with a quirky sense of humor, the girl pretty much defines what it means to be a sexy nerd. She played a bookworm-turned-hot lesbian wicca in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” as well as the role of nymphomaniac band geek Michelle in “American Pie.” She majored in Psychology at California State University, and is married to “Buffy” co-star Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Price on both ‘Buffy’ and its spinoff ‘Angel’), who was named number 2 on the sexiest men in the Buffyverse list. An inspiration to aspiring sexy nerds everywhere, we bow down to thee, Alyson.

1. Eliza Dushku

Rolling in at number one on the countdown is our newest inductee into the sexy nerds coven, Eliza Dushku. Dusku is a rising star in the cult art of the hot geek. She built up her creds as the bad slayer on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and has now rejoined Joss Whedon on the new smash hit show “Dollhouse,” where she plays a girl whose mind has been erased and re-programmed to be the perfect woman to any high-paying client of the business known as the Dollhouse. She’ll also be starring in the upcoming horror flick “Open Graves.” In my opinion, Dushku only has more incredibly nerdy roles to come (can anyone else see her reprising Wonder Woman?)

32.  30 Freakiest commercials of 2009.  And boy did the Palm Pre strike out with this albino chicka.   I read a blog comment about Sprint and their creepy ad that said, "Sprint and Palm should have saved the money spent on that historically atrocious ad campaign, given away the Pre (and enjoyed the free viral press), and made the money up on data plans."  But that is why Sprint is #4.   Most of the ads on the lsit are foreign, because American companies are boring.

SPOT  "Déjà Vu"
AGENCY  Modernista!
COUNTRY  United States

Actress Tamara Hope creeped out plenty of viewers with her ghostly turn in this Palm campaign. Luckily, she's trapped on a rock and worshipped by a dancing orange cult, and can't come hunting for you.

25.  Ooops! I did it again.  I broke my own rule.  The one about Slideshows.  Guess what?  It's an old MSM site again.  The 100 Best Innovations of 2009.  And Civil Engineers finally earn their pay!

35. Engineering: Diverging Diamond Interchange

Want to avoid gridlock? Drive on the wrong side of the road. In July, traffic engineers in Springfield, Missouri, reconfigured the jammed I-44/Kansas Expressway interchange. The new design does away with risky left turns. The street approaching the highway now diverts to the left, and cars get uninterrupted access to the highway, which, experts say, can reduce clogging by as much as 60 percent. Think of it as a one-way street. Drivers who want to turn left onto the highway can do so without crossing oncoming traffic. Through-traffic, meanwhile, stays on the left side of the road until it reaches a second stoplight, where it passes back over to the right. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that the diverging diamond configuration, the first in the U.S., enables 600 left turns onto the freeway per hour per lane—double that of an ordinary interchange, where drivers cross oncoming traffic. Plans are under way to implement similar designs around Kansas City and St. Louis.

19. Again I hit the slideshow, and again it's an MSM, but it's Foriegn Policy, so I'm getting better and better with the quality of MSM sources.  Top 10 Stories you missed in 2009.  They are all important, and you'll thank me for this one a year from now.  I was only aware of one of these.  And of that one, I was aware of the background not the headline.

1. The Northeast Passage Opens for Business  
 The mythic Northwest Passage still captures imaginations, but this September, two German vessels made history by becoming the first commercial ships to travel from East Asia to Western Europe via the northeast passage between Russia and the Arctic. Ice previously made the route impassable, but thanks to rising global temperatures, it's now a cakewalk. "There was virtually no ice on most of the route," Capt. Valeriy Durov told the BBC. "Twenty years ago, when I worked in the eastern part of the Arctic, I couldn't even imagine something like this."

17.  Saw this video on one of my favorite blogs, Surviving Grady, and they only missed 1 or 2 in their list, but considering the subject matter, it is understandable.  Top 10 Most Memorable Moments in Baseball History.  My nit-picking aside, this is a well done video.

12.  Top Movies of the Decade.  Of course that decade was 100 years ago.

Those Awful Hats (1909, D.W. Griffith)

A timeless subject – the evils of elaborate hats worn at cinemas – is turned into a delightfully surreal short by D.W. Griffith. A parade of flowery-hatted women enter a rather ratty theater, when the patrons get jumpy at their blocked view. It’s not until a jaws-of-life type deus-ex-machina disposes of the offending headwear that things start getting weird:

 1.  Top Ten Media Whore Movie Critics.  You know that friend who was the Worst taste in movies?  He could be making money off his lack of taste, if he were smart.

#9 - SANDIE NEWTON (9 Quotes)
Another virgin to the Criticwatch Top Ten is this sporadic cheerleader for the studios. Don't let all her Emmy and Los Angeles Press Club nominations fool you, there is a major difference between "critic" and "entertainment reporter." If you want to get your 15 minutes with a celebrity and ask inane questions to Simon Baker like wondering if he agrees with a review that The Mentalist is "thoughtfully executed", by all means have at it. But leave actual reviews to the professionals who know something about thought. Sandie was on her usual pace in 2009, only getting quoted three times in the first nine months. But then another six since October helped cement her over such longstanding staples to this list. A few more positive recommendations of the likes of films such as New Moon and Old Dogs and we'll all be looking for a way in which Miss Newton can be thoughtfully executed.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Run, don’t walk! This epic has thrills, chills and plenty of romance.
The Invention of Lying - Funny, poignant and very clever.
A Christmas Carol - A spectacular mind-blowing achievement. Jim Carrey was born to play Scrooge...and is brilliant in several other parts as well.
Duplicity - A very smart and sexy spy vs. spy caper! Julia Roberts is at the top of her game!
Fighting - Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard are perfect!
Brothers - Tobey Maguire gives the performance of his career.
Astro Boy - An irresistible superhero!
Old Dogs - Seth Green is a comedy stand-out.
The Twilight Saga: New Moon - More action. More romance. New Moon delivers a powerful and passionate punch.
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