Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Title Tuesday: A reminder why this blog is titled the way it is!

I read Amanda Palmer's* new blog, and one joke popped into my head:

We're talking about practice!  Not the show, not the show, not the awesome performance she died for, not the one she played her ass off for, we're talking about practice!

See my brain makes these connections, and few people can follow.  What is the demographic break down for this joke?  Honestly, draw that venn diagram to see how many sports fans are also Amanda Palmer fans?  Heck, let us play fair with me and draw the diagrams out a bit by expanding into people who are familiar with that Allen Iverson press conference with people who know who Amanda Palmer is.  There is a small market for that joke, but despite my reputation for being not funny, that joke to me is made funny by both the layers in the joke and that I am drawing two people who could not be more different together through one subject that no one likes!  Practice!

Dennis Miller, before he sold his soul, introduced to me the comedic concept of layers and I went off the deep end with it.  The problem is that with each layer to a joke the smaller the audience.  And one of the golden rules of comedy is that once you explain a joke it no longer becomes funny.  It's like magic, once you know the trick it's not special.  I once told a joke to my wife, in front of a crowd of friends, that had so many layers and personal references that I think deep down she knows how truly funny I am and she was the only only laughing.  Not only laughing but in tears.  No one else was laughing.  To me, that is perfect.  I like nailing it so well that one person is dead, and no one else gets it.  If you don't get it, your loss.  My mind jumps and makes connections other people either don't make or refuse to admit to making.  For example: NFL Cthulhu  Every time I see an NFL player wearing his gloves from his facemask like that I laugh at the idea that he is paying tribute to Cthulhu, because that is funny in and of itself.  Add in the overt displays of Christianity involved with the NFL (There is literally a prayer circle at the end of each game, involving players and coaches that want to from each team.  They truly think God likes football.)  it becomes even funnier.

Sadly people do not find many of these connections of mine as funny as I do.  And when you combine that with my HORRIBLE delivery you get to the reputation that I am not funny.  This just adds to the view that I am insane.  I have accepted my insanity, will anyone ever accept my funny?  Maybe if I practice my delivery a bit more....

* AFP may end up being known as much for her writing about her craft as she about her craft.  This is not a slight on her as a musician but a huge compliment about her writing and thoughts about music.
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