Monday, January 25, 2010

Music Monday: Bands I Saw with the Lunachicks

I'd be hard pressed to explain why I dug the Lunachicks so much and I won't get into it right now.  But here are bands I saw perform with them.  Except the Buzzcocks.  Yes the Lunachicks opened for the Buzzcocks but my friends and I never hung around to watch them play.  I know, dumb, very very dumb.

Down By Law - 500 Miles

Former ALL lead singer, Dave Smalley's, band.  They never played this song, but it was one of the first Punk Rock Covers I heard and fell in love.  This was a good 5 years before I saw them on the Go Kart Across America Tour.  But I am glad I saw them, I really got into them and loved Fly the Flag.

Buzzcocks - What Do I  Get

Again, not a song I would have heard, but it's always nice to see the oldies live.  It's the closest I'll get to a time I was to far too young to even know about.

Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring the Pain (Method Man cover)

Fuck these guys were intense live.  Very, very good.  I saw Jimmy Urine pee on Steve Righ? at a show in Asbury Park New Jersey, yes that Asbury Park.  That was just a strange day.  I had a huge crush on their old bassist Vanessa.

Pinkerton Thugs - No Heroes, No Justice

Sorry about the lousy embed.  My options are limited here.  Imeem is now myspace music and does not work the way it used to.  And the Youtube video of this song is from a live show with terrible sound.

I do lovr, when I stumble upon new information as part of writing this blog.  I did not realize they were from Maine and had Ties to the Ducky Boys.  They are also mainstays at the Hometown Throwdown, and that's a separate story.

Lastly I'll give you some fairly random Mash-ups.  Intended to be a newer song with an much older song.  Enjoy Taylor Swift / U2!

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