Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 100: Pac Man

It would be criminal for me to continue this series without mentioning one of the icons of the 80's, Pac-Man.

I know I promised you Bacon, and I'm working on it.  Please forgive me, you will eventually get your Bacon.

Normal notes: I can't use everything I find, I'm pimping your stuff so let me use the images I'm using, and I'll gladly take comments about what I missed.

1.  As always we start with Pac-Man's Wikipedia page.  I confess, I had never heard of the Davie Brown Index before.

2.  Next we bring you French prankster Remi Gaillard doing his thing in this Pac-Man in real life video.

3.  How do we define cool?  By having your own wikia.  Is Pac-Man cool?  You bet he is!

4.  You have my permission to take a break and remember how amazing the game was.  Go play.

5.  For those of you smart enough to be running Firefox (and dumb enough not be running Chrome), there is a PacMan add-on.  Yes, it is a cheap clone, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

6.  Snack time!

7.  Someone who thinks like me has found 65 things that look like Pac-Man.

8.  This is the most obvious PacMan merchandising idea I have ever seen.  Just fitting and perfect!  Only $14.99

9.  3-D PacMan cake.

10.  Don't just love PacMan, wear PacMan!

11.  A very detailed write-up of the old Milton Bradley PacMan board game.  I vaguely remember playing this, the pacmen eat the marbles kind of like hungry hungry hippos.

12.  PacMan sour power pellets.  I don't name these things.

13.  Go play PacMan Dungeons.  Go.  It's a text adventure version of PacMan!

14.  Learn how to make some really cool LED bicycle wheel PacMan and Ghost designs.

15.  Scary / Creepy time: PacMan Skull

16.  If PacMan were to Tweet.

17.  PacMan has his own Rubicks Cube mod.

18.  More LED PacMan madness, but this time with a Roomba.

19.  PacMan also has a business tactic named after him.  It's called the PacMan defense.  Go read the link, I'll confuse you if i try to explain it.

20.  PacMan car with GullWing doors.  GullWing doors are as impractical as they are cool.

21.  A day in the extra life of Pac Man.  coda

22.  Pac-Man is everywhere!  coda

23.  PacMan is everywhere #P2!  (twittese for Part 2)  Even Russia.

24.  In case you get hurt, Pac-Man will be there to help you get better.

25.  Pac-Man is everywhere!  #P3  At the pizzeria.

At this time we'd like to visit for a bit with our favorite ghosts.
26. Of course I'm a dick so we start with Sonic vs the Ghosts.  Yes it ends exactly like you think it would.  And is awesome because of it.

27.  Did that disturb you?  Do you need a psychologist?  Because apparently there have been studies conducted about the Ghosts different personalities.

28.  I'll stop picking on the ghosts and give you a peace offering....t-shirts!

29.  Were you aware there is a fifth ghost?  There is...cobra commander!  coda

30.  Art comes in all types of forms, and media.  Including 3.5" floppy disc mosaics of Pinky.

31.  Rightfully so Pac-Man's ghosts were ranked in the top 10 video game villains of all time.  Relentlessness + No cheat codes = Top 10

32.  Reason #1,982,354 that I love winter.  Pac-Man Ghosts!

33.  Another, but still very cool, t-shirt.  The usual suspects.

34.  Check out these awesome custom made two sided ghost pillows.

Let's dive hardcore into the craftiness of Etsy.  There is so much there, that I can't use it all, but it is all amazing work!
35.  The Ghosts will keep you warm, with this Scarf and Hat set.

36.  Glow in the dark Ghost Earrings.

37.  Pac-Man tie, for when you've just worn your disney ones to death.

38.  The simple, but highly effective Pac-Man Necklace. Be sure to check that users other creations, especially his pins!

39.  We can't have obsession without handbags.

40.  Pac-Man poker chip!  The ultimate casino Power Pellet!

41.  Truth in cross-stitch.

42.  You also cannot have obsession without Shoes.

43.  I met a friend of a friend once with a Ms Pac-Man tattoo.  I made the mistake of googling "Ms Pac-Man Tattoo" to find his ink.  Bad idea.  Very Very Bad Idea.  Do so at your own risk, or with safe search set to strict!

44.  Did you know Ms Pac-Man was a feminist hero?  Well she is, the guy in this video told me sold.

45.  Were you not satisfied this halloween?  Did you think something even more unique and sexy needed to be found?  Well here it is.

46.  I apologize for that.  To make up for it I give you a link to this awesome T-shirt.

47.  As further evidence of my love for you I give you these neon lights.

48.  An art project that involves the visualization of the original code from the Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 cartridge.  You do not need a degree in either art nor computer science to appreciate this.  The picture file would not look right embedded so click to see it full size.

49. Pac-Man done on a Lite-Brite.  I miss this blog.  I really keep a folder in my Google Reader named: Dead Blogs, and keep in there blogs I hope come back from the dead.

50.  Pac-Man  pumpkins.  Learn how to make them yourself!

51.  Another mandatory ingredient for an obsession?  Shot glasses!

52.  Quilting is an underrated art form.  Although this not a high quality quilt, it is cool.

53.  Staying with the softer side of Pac-Man.

54.  Harper's did a super long interview with a Pac-Man master (he mastered a few other games).  Available as a PDF.

55.  Pac-Mobile?

56.  Crop Circles have been explained.

57.  This cool bastard created and iPod charging station that looks like a Ms Pac-Man arcade machine.

58.  A completely different cool bastard made this wallet from an old Pac-Man Atari 2600 cartridge.  (Spot the Charlie card, this cool bastard is from Boston.)


59.  Prehistoric Podcast of a PacMan christmas story.  8 minutes of audio taken from these weird things called cassette tapes.

60.  The song that launched the chain of events that lead to this post.

61.  We dip even deeper into the underbelly of PacMan fandom with this ANCIENT webpage extolling all of PacMan's virtues, some in poetry form.

62.  I know we did a Pac-Man car earlier, but this one is even better!

63.  Nothing says Couture quite like.....Pac-Man?

64.  Moving back to something that makes sense, here is a Lego Pac-Man Mosaic.

65.  Ultra-chic Pac-Man interior lighting.

66.  Stop Motion Lego tribute to the 80's.  They nailed Pac-Man.

67.  Steampunk Pac-Gentleman arcade machine.  Steampunk may me played out, but man when done right it does not stop being impressive to me.

68.  Speaking of played out sub-genre's nothing says Goth like Pac-Man bondage pants.

69. You can set those pants on fire with this Pac-Man Zippo.

70. Check out this homemade Pac-Man costume.  With the inappropriately placed joystick.  Really?  Dude, come on.  Did you not look?  Would adjusting the costume up 2 inches have been that difficult?  Costume came out great other than that one little detail.

71.  Be sure to impress that next client with a Pac-Man business card holder.

72.  Pac-Man maybe yellow, but he's 100% green, he recycles!

73. Our third Pac-Man Car, but it's a Mini!

74.  Lego Pac-Man, The Movie.  Watch the trailer!

Small YTMND section.  I won't be upset if you skip these, I did play nice with my selection though.
76. Cereal

78. Quote

81.  Nice embroidered hats from New Era.

82.  Ms Pac-Man belt buckle.

83.  Be Pac-Man's power pellet with this awesome hat!

84.  Terminitor all happened because some smart-alec scientist programmed a computer to play Pac-Man.  We are all doom because of this!

The resulting program narrowly outperformed average human players and Szita and Lörincz say the work is part of broader strategy for analysing the weaknesses of AI compared to human intelligence when using video games.

"Games are interesting and challenging for human intelligence and therefore an ideal means to explore what artificial intelligence is still missing," the researchers say.
Great idea a-holes!

85.  This however is a good use of technology.  Turning an iPod Docking Station into a mini Ms Pac-Man arcade machine.

86.  Worth1000 is a photoshop contest site that produces a seemingly endless amount quality work.  Including this graveyard gem.

87.  Also from W1K, we find out what will really happen in 2012.  Enjoy the other Pac-Man 'shops they've posted.

88.  From Power Pill to Power Pull!  Don't mess with this Pac-Man Grenade.

89.  Once again we dip our toes into the scary realm of Geek-Chic with this Pac-Man coffee table.

90.  Check out everything else you may need to know about Pac-Man at the Pac-Man Dossier.

91.  "Weird Al" Yankovic had an unreleased parody of the Beatles Taxman.  Of course someone put it up on YouTube.

92.  This list would be naughty without the Pac-Man Christmas tree.

93.  As we wind down there is this beautiful Wedding Cake.

94.  When looking at these super-cute Pac-Man and Ghosts plush toys, remember they are motorized.

95.  I was not aware that Pac-Man was a Guitar Hero.

96.  Be sure to enter / vote in the Draw Pac-Man contest.  I would link a drawing or two, but they don't just display the images they have a flash program that redraws it for the viewer so it looks like they are watching you draw it.  Really well done.  Plus I can't draw that well at all!

97.  Don't forget to buy your "Pac Boy"  color changing mug.  The pellets appear when you put hot liquid in the mug.

98.  7 facts you did not know about Ms Pac-Man.  MSM doing good for a change.

5. Hardcore Ms. Pac-Man geeks have developed their own jargon, as explained on the site For example, "premature pac-ulation" occurs when players mistakenly think they've eaten a power pellet, only to turn around and die while trying to eat a ghost.

99.  Screw Diamonds, show your love with this Ms Pac-Man necklace instead!

100. Let's creep you out at the end with this Evil Pac-Man stapler.

This has been another fun venture into the world of Pac-Man and the world of obsession.  I have learned more about Pac-Man than I thought was out there to be learned.  Thank you Internets for being you.

I know I owe you Bacon, but the only promise I will make is that the next 100 project will not be video game based.

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