Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LIFT: 10-14

Today on twitter I learned....

That rust can be cool!

DANGER Do not cross her

A cool videogame is copying Radiohead and doing a pay-what-you-want deal.  Their parent company is filing for bankruptcy.   A 90% claimed piracy rate.

Captain Lou Albano died.  And for the record he is Cindy Lauper's dad and not Super Mario!

aside: Twitter death hoaxes aren't cool, so choose your sources carefully and don't be afraid to do your own follow up research.  You are responsible for your own tweets people, don't RT something that is a hoax.

Leona Lewis got punched out.  She probably forgot who she was for a second.  And in that second neither she nor  I knew who she was.

Rush Limbaugh got dumped from the bidding group for the St Louis Rams.  HAHA!

These are the intersection of Creepy and Hot!   And very dangerous, both for the wearer and those who may see them.

And one of my favorite blogs got caught in the crossfire between the different swastikas.  It is also an ancient and Buddhist symbol, but in the West, it has been used for something so terrible that we have a hard time seeing it as anything else.

And if this Ebay/NHL widget isn't cool, then nothing is!!

Until Tomorrow!
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