Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learned It From Twitter!


So today I learned that Bloomberg wasted $2-$3MM buying BusinessWeek.  The magazine industry is dying guys, did you not get the memo?  I suppose the brand name has a value if done in an online form.  I am sure we are going to see some more of these type of deals in the near future as the publishing industry dies a slow painful death.

I also learned that Rihanna's new album drops on Nov 23rd!!  Beat that.  (Too soon?)

While American Idol LOSER  (they are all losers, but...) Adam Archeletta has a new music of XMAS tunes out.  Bing Crosby did them better, and straighter.

Nasa is using a song from McFly at the International Space station.  Can't wait until it meets Skylabs fate!

Wow, that was horrible.

American Soccer's future was in a car accident.  So much for Operation 2010!

And in more depressing news, the soundtrack to New Moon will be out on friday.

3 CD releases, people still buy these things?!!?

Don't worry, I won't always use and abuse the trending topics.
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