Tuesday, August 11, 2009

USB Tuesday: Heated Slippers

Since we are in the midst of the dog days of August I'd like to point out what I am getting my wife for Christmas.   All I have do is to choose which of the 4 to choose.  Yes there are 4 different USB heated slippers out there.  I was good with none, maybe one.


These buddies get up to 118 degrees cost $25 with a washable insert pad and a cord length of just over 4ft.



These cute cows come ion a boy cow and girl cow variety, have a cord length of just over 4ft, cost $25 and we do not know how hot they get.


These bad boys cost $42 and come with their own small lithium battery for use when not near a computer, also come with an AC charger, and off/om switch, has a cord length of nearly 5.5ft and warm up to 111 degrees.


These suckers heat your feet at 120 degrees, cost $25, have a cable length of just under 4ft, and they have separate cord for each feet so those with a cold left foot and just plug in the left foot.  

Early polls indicate that the cows will win.  What do you say?  I think the separate cords or battery backup are far more practical.  Plus a boy cow is a BULL!!  Give him horns!
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