Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twitter Twailbag Twendsday 8-19

Every week I answer your Tweets!  #Pip

1) I Can Live Without
ICanLiveWithoutA pip that drives a Ford Escort
 I have never owned a Ford Escort.  
2) Jazzie Dixon
keraia@ladyhawkeforyou I love you Pip! :) Magic is my favourite song from your record. Can you give us any hints about the video? :P
Think Damsels in distress
3) lilideltoro
lilideltoroim singleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! yeeeyy!! no more pip!!!
I never liked you anyways, and I've got a date with your sister next weekend.
4) Kristin
KCollins720Just pictured @xxNICtotheOLExx in one of them city worker uniforms,in a ditch with duck tape fixing a broken pip lmao
If only duct tape could fix me!
5) Bill Hustle
BillHustle@Skeetaluv Yo Pip wats good I'm in your hood
Which hood?  I'm movin soon homie!  Beer for labor?
6) pip
piplovesmcflyfeel* pip can not type.
Look, I know I have a problem and it's laziness.
7) Heather Welliver
HeatherWelliver@PhilippaJane thanks Pip! Yes, glad for all the good news.
What can I  say I fart rainbows and shit pots of gold.  The pee is still pee though, I'm not perfect.
8) Jocelyn Chow
jawsolynim reading frickin' GREAT EXPECTATIONS. die, pip, DIE...
Thanks.  Just thanks for all your support.  I spend an entire novel being manipulated by selfish jerk after selfish jerk and you want me to die?
9) Ben Wright
wrightben@philippalatimer Website looks great Pip
Why this ole' thing?  I just threw it together in an afternoon while doing laundry.
10) Dan
iamdanw@pip hope everything is ok, and congratulations on pip junior! (is there a Twitter account yet?)
Billy Jean is not my lover, she's a girl who thinks that I am the one.  The kid is not my son!
11) Laura Francis
laurakfrancis@pip bummer. :( not nice for you or them. Hope it's nothing serious. Our thoughts are with you
'Tis only a flesh wound.
shesmychrissyshirt for pip? x
Bitch.  I'm not gay, I'm married.
13) Rosie Macleod
rosiemacleod@baneofhatred pip on twitter? Not having that.
That's what she said!  (My wife that is.)
14) Emily Harris
melbgirl@meetmeatmikes Pip - the cover of your book is gorgeous... Can't wait to see inside!
This is one book you absolutely should judge by it's cover.
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