Monday, August 17, 2009

My Blog's First Birthday!

A variation of a much better picture that picked on North Dakota instead of Wyoming.  Curse you Dick Cheney!!

I've gotten about 10 hits a day on my blog.  But it has been worth.  I have been noticed and got a small freelance gig over at Gunaxin.  I have had fun, and so far avoided getting a single person subscribing to my blog via Google Reader.

I would love had I been a bit more diligent with my posting and kept to a regular schedule.  I would have loved for the Daily Disambiguation to be something I was able to do every day.  I probably should not have spun off 3SQB so soon.

But I have no regrets starting this thing and no doubts about it's continued survival.  It may never be as fleshed out as I'd like (I set some ambitious and unrealistic goals that I would still love to achieve), but it is the outlet I needed for my creative and insanity.

I do this for myself first, and I think that;s what I have enjoyed the most.  I am free here.  I set the rules, I do the work and I like that.  I get paid nothing for it, but so what?

My next step and goal is to better organize my time such that I can write more.  I may or may not be good at, but I like doing it, and that is the only thing that matters.
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