Saturday, August 15, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Twitter is all a twitter about Google Chrome OS and I felt like speaking about it for a moment.

Anyone that thinks Microsoft will feel any impact from a Google OS in the next five years is dumber than anyone that owns a Mac.  And speaking of Macs, once this OS comes out your Mac will become a collectors item.  Microsoft maybe the target but Apple will be the victim of this move by Google.  

This guy is 100% wrong.  In 10 years Apple won't be selling computers anymore.  They will be solely a gadget company, and they will write some programs for their gadgets but that's it.   Ask yourself once question, "Would anybody want to use Apples software on a different peice of hardware?"  Then ask the question the other way, "Would anyone want to use someone else's software on a piece of Apple hardware?"  The answers are no and maybe.  No solid YES! to be found.  So neither their hardware or software are impressive enough that people want IT.  It's the collective system they market, and the world is moving away from that.

Google's OS will undercut the reasons to buy a Mac.  Mac has based it's life on being "Not Windows".  Once something better, faster, lighter, cheaper and more compatible to the current computing world comes out then there will be no reason to buy a Mac.  And yes Google will make an OS that will be all of those things compared to Apple.  Google may not have made money on any of it's projects, but each project has made a product better than was currently available.  (Yes Chrome is better than Firefox, all those add-ons are just crutches and slow your entire PC down.  Switch from Firefox to Chrome for a week and you'll see your productivity go up despite the lack of add-ons.)  So it is safe to assume that Google OS will be better than anything out there.  Even if Google charges money for it, it will be cheaper than buying a whole new computer just to get Mac OS.    And I would not be surprised if they gave the damn thing away!  Mac OS cannot compete against an OS of even similar quality and ability when the cost is that of Windows, never mind free.  

But Google's OS won't be comparable to Mac's.  It will be better.  They are looking at mainstream PC's not cult toys.  They want to get their program to work on as many of the machines that are out there currently and will soon be out there, instead of trying lock people into proprietary hardware and software.  The folks at Apple tried to attack Microsoft where it was weak, but instead fell into a worse trap than the one Microsoft was in.  Apple has, repeatedly, trapped itself and it's customers in a proprietary system.  When you buy a Mac you get it's OS.  the iPod needs iTunes and the iPhone needs the APPLE App Store (and iTunes).  This is how Apple runs its business and it has managed to do it effectively.  But it is the worst type of Corporate dominance that cuts against worldviews susually associated with Mac owners.  

Google will crush that, and not by any desire to hurt Apple, but by just being itself and doing things the way it always does.  Google's OS may not be open-source but will have that feel to it and it will be the most flexible thing out there.  Apple's focus is design, while Google's is Engineering.  I'm willing to bet that the functionality will crush the form.  

It is mean, but honest to say that Apple runs not a business but a cult.  And as we have seen in there history, once a chink forms int he armor and people break from it's spell the company falls into serious trouble.  Google, also has a cult, but it's a different type of cult.  Not based upon lifestyle or mutual hatrred of another company, but of functionality and productivity.  Apple's cult will survive, but in the world of gadgetry and not the world of computers.  They can make the move there due to the blurring of the lines, but they will be a computer company in name only.

I am not saying Google is perfect, and that Apple is evil.  But they have different world views and when those world views collide in an OS war, Apple will get run over.  And yes I will laugh when the Mac finally dies.  I have never liked them and never will.  I patiently await their demise.
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