Monday, August 24, 2009

Music Monday: Ukelele Beatles 27-31

Every month I give you a run down of the Beatles on Ukulele songs that you have missed.  And each week I tell you that at some point this project will hit the mainstream big time and you will wonder why did not listen to me when I've told you repeatedly how well done this project is.

You get five songs this time because we had a five week month!  (or because I'm a dumb blogger that skipped a week and forgot how to count)

Your Mother Should Know

It is the centerpiece of The Beatles first conspicuous public failure. It is a harbinger of decadence to come. The song was written to accompany a Busby Berkeley-like production number, wherein our heroes descend a staircase in top hats and tuxedos. Obviously Paul’s idea. It baffles me how he was able to convince the other Beatles to do this. McCartney did not conceive the number in a kitsch or camp way, nor was he trying to be ironic in a Warholian or Koonsian sense. Paul genuinely thought this misbegotten concept was cool. Had Brian Epstein not died recently, or if John Lennon had suddenly ceased sprinkling acid on his cornflakes every morning, YMSK would never have happened.

Don't Pass Me By

There are many contenders for the title of Best Beatle Song Ever. Hey Jude, Strawberry Fields, In My LifeHere There And Everywhere, Something...

But there is no doubt about the very worst Beatle Song.

It is Don’t Pass Me By, by a faux-country mile. Which is exactly what makes DPMB so scintillating. There is a delicious definition, a forbidden fruit quality, to any extreme.

And I had to quote two bit this write-up was so amazing

 Writing is never easy, but imagine you are George or Ringo, working in the same room as John and Paul. Frankly, if I were competing for space on an album with Lennon and McCartney, I would feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis. It’s a no win situation.

Getting Better

In my capacity as a record producer I have lots of sayings and little standard nuggets of advice I give to artists. One of these is “Always try to be the Ringo in the band.” By that I mean, surround yourself with excellence. It is smart strategy to be the least talented and ugliest person on the team. Then you know you have a good team. Winners do not hang out with their inferiors. But my estimation of Ringo is rising so quickly that I’m going to have to come up with a new analogy.

Don't Bother Me

Don't Bother Me is also the first clinically depressed Beatles song, a style of self-pity that John Lennon would make very much his own circa late 64-65. For early Beatles though, Don’t Bother Me is very off message, especially compared to the celebratory teen anthems like She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand that they were then trafficking in. 

Why Don't We Do It In The Road

40 years ago this month the Manson family ended the sixties. Today Squeaky is free. Woodstock happened. Dylan ignored it. The Beatles didn’t go. But they were over, the whole decade was over. That was the message of August 69. Death.

There is a grim balance between the August 69 Woodstock Nation, numbered half a million, and the 514,000 American troops serving in Vietnam that same month. America was rich and crazy enough to do both at the same time! Amazing. Tragic. 

They changed their podcast server so I am fully expecting earlier links to their songs to be dead and buried in the near future.  If I am smart I will go back and fix them.  But we've already established that I cannot count.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursdaytron: When Snacks Attack....

I have stumbled upon something awesonme.

Do I need to explain further?  If I do then you need to walk away from the internet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twitter Twailbag Twendsday 8-19

Every week I answer your Tweets!  #Pip

1) I Can Live Without
ICanLiveWithoutA pip that drives a Ford Escort
 I have never owned a Ford Escort.  
2) Jazzie Dixon
keraia@ladyhawkeforyou I love you Pip! :) Magic is my favourite song from your record. Can you give us any hints about the video? :P
Think Damsels in distress
3) lilideltoro
lilideltoroim singleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! yeeeyy!! no more pip!!!
I never liked you anyways, and I've got a date with your sister next weekend.
4) Kristin
KCollins720Just pictured @xxNICtotheOLExx in one of them city worker uniforms,in a ditch with duck tape fixing a broken pip lmao
If only duct tape could fix me!
5) Bill Hustle
BillHustle@Skeetaluv Yo Pip wats good I'm in your hood
Which hood?  I'm movin soon homie!  Beer for labor?
6) pip
piplovesmcflyfeel* pip can not type.
Look, I know I have a problem and it's laziness.
7) Heather Welliver
HeatherWelliver@PhilippaJane thanks Pip! Yes, glad for all the good news.
What can I  say I fart rainbows and shit pots of gold.  The pee is still pee though, I'm not perfect.
8) Jocelyn Chow
jawsolynim reading frickin' GREAT EXPECTATIONS. die, pip, DIE...
Thanks.  Just thanks for all your support.  I spend an entire novel being manipulated by selfish jerk after selfish jerk and you want me to die?
9) Ben Wright
wrightben@philippalatimer Website looks great Pip
Why this ole' thing?  I just threw it together in an afternoon while doing laundry.
10) Dan
iamdanw@pip hope everything is ok, and congratulations on pip junior! (is there a Twitter account yet?)
Billy Jean is not my lover, she's a girl who thinks that I am the one.  The kid is not my son!
11) Laura Francis
laurakfrancis@pip bummer. :( not nice for you or them. Hope it's nothing serious. Our thoughts are with you
'Tis only a flesh wound.
shesmychrissyshirt for pip? x
Bitch.  I'm not gay, I'm married.
13) Rosie Macleod
rosiemacleod@baneofhatred pip on twitter? Not having that.
That's what she said!  (My wife that is.)
14) Emily Harris
melbgirl@meetmeatmikes Pip - the cover of your book is gorgeous... Can't wait to see inside!
This is one book you absolutely should judge by it's cover.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

USB Tuesday: Birthday Explosions!

Somebody set us up the Bomb!

Buy a commissioned piece from a Mexican artist.

How does that old joke go?  artillery fire falls short?

buy  $12.

while Air Support falls long?

buy  $14

A fully remote controlled mobile missile launcher.

Buy from the link above for £20.00

Protect your cubicle from unwanted intrusions!

A 360 degree horizontal rotation and a 45 degree vertical rotation.  No Boss or coworker is too tall!

Buy for $25

And if all else fails

Blow the whole office (and world!) up with this doomsday device.

Buy for a mere $40!

Daily Disambiguation: Vertigo


We start with the specific type of dizziness, related to a balance disorder.  It is apparently a genus of snail, an imprint of DC Comics, a student newspaper from the University of Technology Sydney, a car from Belgian automaker Gillet, yes Belgian automaker,  an international independent film magazine, a stealth bomber from the game Command and Conquer 3, a character from Primal Rage, an event on American Gladiators, and apparently a movie form some director I've never heard of.

Your random searches:




My Google Reader

Vertigo (Album Version) - Subtonix

I was not aware the the song I streamed above was a cover to this video below.  I like it either way, so you get it twice.

I cannot believe I have never heard of the screamers before! Thank you silly blog idea for introducing me to an awesome band.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Music Monday: Birthday!

Shamelessly celebrating my blog's birthday with birthday songs!



Weird Al

Jack Black

Jack Black - Birthday Song

Hip Hop Harry

T.A.T.U. f/ Flipside

Daily Disambiguation: Birthday

I clear it up for you today, my blog's 1st birthday.

There are OVER 9000 birthday songs out there.  A few Relevant ones have been posted here,  it is a cul-de-sac in Brookeville Maryland, the second episode of the Care Bears cartoon, the 84th episode of Dynasty, an upcoming James Harkness movie, the last novel in the Ring series.  Birthday also has it's own Statistical Paradox, apparently in a room of 23 random people the odds are 50-50 that two people will share a birthday.   It is also a British greeting card retailer, and a painting by French painter Marc Chagall.

Your Random Searches:





My Google Reader (note, this was a shared item)

My Blog's First Birthday!

A variation of a much better picture that picked on North Dakota instead of Wyoming.  Curse you Dick Cheney!!

I've gotten about 10 hits a day on my blog.  But it has been worth.  I have been noticed and got a small freelance gig over at Gunaxin.  I have had fun, and so far avoided getting a single person subscribing to my blog via Google Reader.

I would love had I been a bit more diligent with my posting and kept to a regular schedule.  I would have loved for the Daily Disambiguation to be something I was able to do every day.  I probably should not have spun off 3SQB so soon.

But I have no regrets starting this thing and no doubts about it's continued survival.  It may never be as fleshed out as I'd like (I set some ambitious and unrealistic goals that I would still love to achieve), but it is the outlet I needed for my creative and insanity.

I do this for myself first, and I think that;s what I have enjoyed the most.  I am free here.  I set the rules, I do the work and I like that.  I get paid nothing for it, but so what?

My next step and goal is to better organize my time such that I can write more.  I may or may not be good at, but I like doing it, and that is the only thing that matters.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Twitter is all a twitter about Google Chrome OS and I felt like speaking about it for a moment.

Anyone that thinks Microsoft will feel any impact from a Google OS in the next five years is dumber than anyone that owns a Mac.  And speaking of Macs, once this OS comes out your Mac will become a collectors item.  Microsoft maybe the target but Apple will be the victim of this move by Google.  

This guy is 100% wrong.  In 10 years Apple won't be selling computers anymore.  They will be solely a gadget company, and they will write some programs for their gadgets but that's it.   Ask yourself once question, "Would anybody want to use Apples software on a different peice of hardware?"  Then ask the question the other way, "Would anyone want to use someone else's software on a piece of Apple hardware?"  The answers are no and maybe.  No solid YES! to be found.  So neither their hardware or software are impressive enough that people want IT.  It's the collective system they market, and the world is moving away from that.

Google's OS will undercut the reasons to buy a Mac.  Mac has based it's life on being "Not Windows".  Once something better, faster, lighter, cheaper and more compatible to the current computing world comes out then there will be no reason to buy a Mac.  And yes Google will make an OS that will be all of those things compared to Apple.  Google may not have made money on any of it's projects, but each project has made a product better than was currently available.  (Yes Chrome is better than Firefox, all those add-ons are just crutches and slow your entire PC down.  Switch from Firefox to Chrome for a week and you'll see your productivity go up despite the lack of add-ons.)  So it is safe to assume that Google OS will be better than anything out there.  Even if Google charges money for it, it will be cheaper than buying a whole new computer just to get Mac OS.    And I would not be surprised if they gave the damn thing away!  Mac OS cannot compete against an OS of even similar quality and ability when the cost is that of Windows, never mind free.  

But Google's OS won't be comparable to Mac's.  It will be better.  They are looking at mainstream PC's not cult toys.  They want to get their program to work on as many of the machines that are out there currently and will soon be out there, instead of trying lock people into proprietary hardware and software.  The folks at Apple tried to attack Microsoft where it was weak, but instead fell into a worse trap than the one Microsoft was in.  Apple has, repeatedly, trapped itself and it's customers in a proprietary system.  When you buy a Mac you get it's OS.  the iPod needs iTunes and the iPhone needs the APPLE App Store (and iTunes).  This is how Apple runs its business and it has managed to do it effectively.  But it is the worst type of Corporate dominance that cuts against worldviews susually associated with Mac owners.  

Google will crush that, and not by any desire to hurt Apple, but by just being itself and doing things the way it always does.  Google's OS may not be open-source but will have that feel to it and it will be the most flexible thing out there.  Apple's focus is design, while Google's is Engineering.  I'm willing to bet that the functionality will crush the form.  

It is mean, but honest to say that Apple runs not a business but a cult.  And as we have seen in there history, once a chink forms int he armor and people break from it's spell the company falls into serious trouble.  Google, also has a cult, but it's a different type of cult.  Not based upon lifestyle or mutual hatrred of another company, but of functionality and productivity.  Apple's cult will survive, but in the world of gadgetry and not the world of computers.  They can make the move there due to the blurring of the lines, but they will be a computer company in name only.

I am not saying Google is perfect, and that Apple is evil.  But they have different world views and when those world views collide in an OS war, Apple will get run over.  And yes I will laugh when the Mac finally dies.  I have never liked them and never will.  I patiently await their demise.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

USB Tuesday: Heated Slippers

Since we are in the midst of the dog days of August I'd like to point out what I am getting my wife for Christmas.   All I have do is to choose which of the 4 to choose.  Yes there are 4 different USB heated slippers out there.  I was good with none, maybe one.


These buddies get up to 118 degrees cost $25 with a washable insert pad and a cord length of just over 4ft.



These cute cows come ion a boy cow and girl cow variety, have a cord length of just over 4ft, cost $25 and we do not know how hot they get.


These bad boys cost $42 and come with their own small lithium battery for use when not near a computer, also come with an AC charger, and off/om switch, has a cord length of nearly 5.5ft and warm up to 111 degrees.


These suckers heat your feet at 120 degrees, cost $25, have a cable length of just under 4ft, and they have separate cord for each feet so those with a cold left foot and just plug in the left foot.  

Early polls indicate that the cows will win.  What do you say?  I think the separate cords or battery backup are far more practical.  Plus a boy cow is a BULL!!  Give him horns!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Music Monday: L7

These ladies came up today so I thought I'd share some of their music and a few personal stories with you.  In a simple verse chorus verse type format: Song story song.


First one of their two songs that got radio play

Story Time:  Lollapalooza 1994 Smashing Pumpkins and Beastie Boys headlining.  As wikipedia says, the high water mark for the gag.  The best blend of cool and popular.  L7 was also on the bill so I went to the stop in RI.  There was a major accident on I-95 and the band's bus was LATE for the show, as in the next band went on, and the band afterward was about to go on, but they let L7 play one song.....

Nice segue there, I know.  Not one of my favorite songs of theirs but wanted to get the two radio tunes out there to remind people.  So Crankin' & Skankin' a one shot show at Great Woods, May 21, 1997.  I do not know how or why but at the time I had a smoking hot girlfriend.  She nearly ruined the show for me.  So when L7 got up things got rough, and people in the back of great woods tore up the lawn and started throwing turf.  Dickie Barret came out part way through their set and threatened to call off the rest of the show.  Instead, L7 had their set cut short.

How many bands has Dave drummed for?!?!  I did not know about this until I was hitting YouTube.  I love this song as it was written about the Lunachicks original drummer Becky Wreck.

So  I finally got to see them play a full set, at the Paradise in Boston, around '99.  The Paradise is a small venue, and as a result I got squeezed onto sitting on the edge of the stage.  I was so close to the band I was ducking Janis Tanaka's wildly swinging base for most of the show.   The girls must have said something to the bouncers, because I got left alone for the full show.  At the end one of them made a b-line for me and told me to get off his stage.  I was an ass and made sure he gave me a bottle of water before I did.  They must have said something for me to have sat on the edge of the stage like I did.  If one of the band is reading this and remembers that show, I was the guy in the Descendents shirt.

So I got to see them again at the Middle East Downstairs, closest I ever got with the girl I was chasing at the time.  I had shit luck with women, still don;t know how I am married, and neither do people how know me from back then.  Anyway it was a fucked up night.  I got to make out with her, but I'm glad nothing more happened.

Yes, weird shit always happens when I see L7.  I don't care, Bricks are Heavy is one of my favorite albums.  They are also the closest thing to metal I'll ever like.

Natural Born Killers is one of my all-time favorite movies and was the reason I got into L7.  That soundtrack was also one of my favorite movie soundtracks.

It is from this band, at which show I forget, that I learned, and stole, the "This song is too Metal for one hand!" two handed devil horns / metal sign, that I am infamous for.  These girls have kicked more ass than most bands getting played on the radio today combined.  They have also made better music and had more fun.

It's retro '90's already so get the fuck back together!!