Tuesday, July 7, 2009

USB Tuesday: More Than Meets the Eye!

Ravage!  As if you did not know which transformer this was.  2GB @ $42.99.  But really who cares.  The only problem is I wouldn't want to transform it to actually use it.



It comes out in September, so you have to wait before you can be cool.

The Autobots get to play as well, with their completely lame Tigatron.   2GB  @ $52.  So not worth $10 more.  $10 less maybe.  Blaster was always a pathetic Soundwave knockoff anyway, and so were his little sidekicks.


Speaking of Blaster

Look I'm a fake laptop!  But don't leave I am a real USB hub!

Buy  He's so lame they did not even bother to translate the buying page into english.

You want cool?  you get Soundwave!

A real MP3 player Soundwave.

Buy  You'll have search for "MP3" but it is worth it @ about $85.

Next we have the Trypticon or the Grimlock Laser Mouse.

Although I am a trackball guy myself, this is pretty cool.  And apparently they are not the best mice in the world, and would be better dueling it on your desk.

Buy  $60 each is bit steep though....

Lastly we have the Autobot and Decepticon Badges as 1GB and 2GB, respectively, flash drives.

Only available in the UK, from amazon.  :(

Remember if you are going to see Transformers 2 for any reason other than being under the age of 12, to drool over Shia LaBeouf, or to drool over Megan Fox then you should probably not try to explain yourself at all.
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