Tuesday, July 21, 2009

USB Tuesday: Guess the Search Term

Seriously, I typed in "USB" and one word to find all of these.  Guess that search term!


A turtle USB Hub with storage, under his shell.  Very cute.

Buy  $13.99 is not too bad a price.

Butterfly Knife

2GB Flash drive that is legal in all 50 states.  <---- Totally original joke.

Buy  $60.  Is this really that cool?  If you want the Logo, then yes.

Microwave Oven

It does what it says it does.  It is a USB powered mini microwave oven.  It is testing, by Heinz and it may or may not ever be actually produced.  If they do make it for sale, it will come in at $160.  Charge a buck to reheat people's Coffee and Tea at work and you'll turn a profit in 6 month.  News Article


Yes, it is a loud, obnoxious  Motorcycle Engine that serves as a hub.

Buy  $55.95, well worth it, just to piss people at the office off.

Food Warmer

A food warmer that plugs into a USB port.  I want.  It is that simple.  Not for sale.  :(  But look at all the pretty specs.


4GB or 8GB flash drives.  Much thicker than real coins but I like the simple concept of these.

Buy  $31.99 and $41.99 respectively.

Wine Cork

Flash Drive in the shape of a wine cork.  Available in various storage sizes and comes in a cool little case.  Actually made from cork.

Buy  $64 for 2GB is pricey but it's real cork and we are running out of that stuff.

Note: Logic will fail you in guessing.
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