Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twitter Twailbag Twendsday

Every Wednesday I take the time out of my busy schedule to answer your Tweets.

dannysgirlsg1: RATIKI mourns?!? Ummmm, can't spell much Pip, can ya? (should say RAFIKI)
@dannysgirlsg1: Look I am a horrible typer.  I have been using computers and modems since the '80's and I have never bothered to learn how to type.  My wife makes fun of me for it all the time.  Someday I'll take the time to learn.  Just not today.

JackBauerManBag: @lucky_ number_6 Pip is prolly the man to clarify all this for me. Pip doesn't know how to fail.
@JackBauerManBag: You don't know me very well do you?

tildaPettersson: For those of you that doesn't know PIP stands for Putte i parken (english: Putte in the park)

@tildaPettersson: No!  No, it does not.

Saraelise11: We got fishes together, pip and kaboom! How fun :)


ZeusTheCat: I move into my own bachelor pad today!! oh im letting Pip come too, she can be my housekeeper :)

ZeusTheCat: 1) I am a he. 2) I already housekeep for 2 cats.  

tw1ggy666: : Congratulations to Pip and Richard on the birth of baby Cai =D xxx

@tw1ggy666:  Um....thanks.  I did not even know I was pregnant.

alexjs: @pip I'll give you a quid for it.

@alexjs: 2 quid, final offer.

I know, it's not Wednesday but I realized I needed a Wednesday gag, and realized this gag needed a home.  Came up with and AWESOME name and voila!
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