Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Ten Friday Night: Awakens from it's slumber.....

First: I apologize for the lack of coda's this week.  I thank the usual suspects in advance and I promise to never do another one of these with out giving credit to my sources.  The cold hard truth of blogging for me is that I can't blog without a cat on my lap.  I'm sure one will pop up the moment I get into a groove.  He will mess up my groove, then eventually lay down, close his eyes and we'll both be happy.

100.  The 20 Scariest Old-School Surgical Tools:   Yes, a hand crank chain saw for brains.  Note, this list is even more frightening when you work for an industrial supply company and start thinking "oh I sell that!"

98. So this spot is the home to mockery:  I give you David Letterman, corporate whore:

89.  59 Gorgeous Stills from Half-Blood Prince: Because I love my wife.  I am a huge fan of the Books, not the movies.

This is why people think Harry should be with Hermione.  Because in the books, Ginny is way cuter than Hermione by this point, but in the movies Emma far surpasses Bonnie.  I would not kick Bonnie out of bed, but if I had to choose it's a no brainer.  Emma.

81.  Ten Best Videos of People Falling Down.  As they said, no one is immune.  Fear not the Robot Apocalypse.

76.  Top 11 Most Patriotic Moments in Science Fiction.  Of course I pick the cheesiest!  My favorite faux fighter pilot president ever!

75.  10 Things a Writer Does to Write That they Don't Tell Anyone About.

2. Twitter! Because writing in 140 characters or less will teach you succinctness, a crisp modern style, and add breadth to your artistic vision.

64.  Kick Ass Scenes in Trailers That Are Not in the Movie.  Reason 1,298,364 why movie studios suck.  I liked Reign of Fire despite the lack of Dragons vs Helicopter action.

63.  America's Most Endangered Malls.  Nothing speaks patriotism like shopping!  Also, most endangered restaurant chains, and most profitable malls.

Malls have a natural lifespan, as population centers shift, architecture evolves, and shopping habits change. But a sharp recession is clearly accelerating the demise of vulnerable retailers—and some of the shopping centers they inhabit. Plunging sales are one obvious reason. Many retailers are also saddled with heavy debt taken on in recent years to fund aggressive growth. And the credit crunch has made cash scarce for firms that need it most.
Those tough conditions have already driven retailers like Circuit City, Linens 'N Things, and Steve & Barry's out of business. Other chains are closing stores and slashing costs as they fight to survive. General Growth Properties, a Chicago firm that operates more than 200 malls—and owns the remnants of Century Plaza—declared bankruptcy in April and is working on a restructuring plan.

52.  New life found on the ocean floor near Antartica.  Sea Pig!

50.  65 Fake Twitters.  Some of these are genius, others, not so much.

Admiral Akbar
Name Admiral Ackbar
Bio Mon Calamari. Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance Fleet.
Sample Twit “Just received transmission from an old friend. I can get a free Y-wing if I signup for a few free trials and get six friends to do the same.”

47.  10 Movie Cliches Which Can Both Win or Fail.  

The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold
I’ve been told there are only two types of prostitutes in the world: the nasty, classless floozies working Tom Hanks’ Bachelor Party and the Mata Hari. I contend trannys don’t fall into either of those categories, but it’s probably all just semantics at this point. The hooker with a heart of gold has been around since long before Rehab hid the Israelites and Nancy did her thing in Oliver Twist. She seduces us with her body and charms us with her depth; other times just randomly turns good because the screenwriter felt like it.
Used Perfectly InLeaving Las Vegas, as played by Elizabeth Shue. More beautiful than Helen and more corrupt than Aphrodite, Sera never asks Ben to stop drinking. She just holds him and cries for him and begs him to please eat some rice. That she never asks him to stop drinking is perhaps why she is either the hero or the villain in Leaving Las Vegas. Either way, she’s Ben’s angel, not his savior--and that, my friends, is so much cooler than Rebecca De Mornay putting out on the subway and Vivian Ward‘s unconventional laugh put together.
Nothing More Than A Bad Cliché InMilk Money, as played by Melanie Griffith. Not even the coolest person named “V” on film in the last two decades, this one who doesn’t blow up buildings in the name of governmental opposition is recruited by some eleven year olds for the express purpose of seeing her boobs. At some point she woos Ed Harris and grows a heart of gold before fighting off some pimp ex-boyfriend in, if I can remember correctly, the kids’ school. Sure glad I saw that in theaters and missed out on The Lion King

44. Ten Things We Know About Google's OS.  

9. Will this sound the death knell for Ubuntu and Fedora?
Google making its own Linux based OS will certainly be a major 'competitor' for other flavours of Linux, like Ubuntu, with the powerful company likely to attract a big swathe of developers into the Chrome OS camp.
More importantly will be the reaction of the consumers; netbooks have helped fuel a boost for several Linux flavours – gaining entry into homes that may never have considered an open-source OS, but Chrome OS will, no doubt, capture a large share of that particular market on reputation alone.
Saying that, the open source ethos of Linux will hopefully be retained in the Chrome OS project and that's a good thing for everyone.

35. 15 Hilariously Random Google Suggestions.  Some of these are offensive, but some are really funny!

34.  Ten Most Ridiculous Transformers.  They were all ridiculous, but these take the cake.  And I fell for all of them!

6) Optimus Prime's Trailer

Prime's trailer raises many points about how much the creators of the show liked to insult the intelligence of their audience. Every time Optimus Prime went from truck to robot, the trailer just disappeared off screen. Where it went, no one knows. Our best guess is that it went off to a cheap, knock off world where logic was deemed irrelevant. In other words, it went to chill with the GoBots

21.  Patriotic Super Heroes.  I bet you can't name 5 on this list.  I've read more than my share of comic books and I hadn't heard of half of them!

US 1
If a trucker who can pick up CB transmissions thanks to the metal plate in his head, and then gets kidnapped by aliens before opening an intergalactic diner in space doesn't sound like the very personification of the American Dream to you, then there's only one explanation: You're not an American in the first place. But even that doesn't stop us from wishing you a happy Independence Day... even if it was independence from you that's being celebrated in the first place.

18.  13 Beautiful Images of Pollen via Electron Microscope.  Honestly these are amazing, even if pollen does suck.

11. Worst Dressed Women in Fantasy.  Worst, being completely subjective.

Guinevere, King Arthur (2004)
kiera.jpgGuinvere (Keira Knightley) seems to have confused her belt with her bra here. No, wait, I know: She saw the The Fifth Element and thought that the fantasy version of the Ace Bandage Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) wears would be leather straps. I have news for you: If that group of women were actually facing male warriors dressed only in mud and straps of leather, they'd get slaughtered. I suppose it's possible that their plan was to distract the men by fighting almost naked, but it's still a bad plan.

7. 100 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom.

Stat made up by me: 80% of kids who read comic books regularly become avid readers as Adults.

1.  50 Greatest Trailers of All Time.  Take some time and enjoy this list.  Even though all 50 trailers are not on the site, the article pushes this back up to number 1.

As always suggestions are more than welcome.
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