Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Monday: Ukelele Beatles 23-26

I Saw Her Standing There



The opening lyric is one of the sexiest in Rock History:

“Well she was just seventeen. You know what I mean.”

Here you get to insert your imagination. The second line is a front for all the things you could not say in a pop song in 1963. She is seventeen, but she may also have enormous tits, or an amazing ass, or best of all, an unspeakably filthy reputation.
I really do love the work these guys do, both on the music and the essays.

It Won't Be Long



How did the Beatles get to the apex of the tippity-top? And stay there for 40+ years?        

It came from John Lennon’s head.

He just made it up. He believed it. And it happened.

Certainly it is an open question how much of reality is a function of just believing in it. To look at a girl, like her, and think, “she’ll be mine.” Then God punishes you and grants your wish and now she's your girlfriend. Great.

It is easy to call John Lennon one of the most important people of the 20th Century.  But it is also true.   It is also true that John is dead while Paul lives.

Don’t Fuck With Paul McCartney!

No Reply



No Reply is a crappy song, but you have to admire Lennon’s honesty. It wouldn’t occur to me to share such ugly, insecure behavior and sentiments with my millions of teenage fans. I would tend to put on a pretend positive public face, despite my shaky, icky personality, like Michael Jackson.

Bad example. Back to the song:

We imagine a poor pretty girl is hiding in her house, tormented by a penniless jilted ex-boyfriend who’s skulking around, keeping close watch on her every movement.

At least our hero isn’t a homosexual pedophile. Uh oh, I just checked the lyrics.
The gender of the love object in No Reply is never mentioned. It is only “You.” "You" at one point is seen walking hand in hand with another man. This tells us nothing. The love object could be Daniel Radcliffe for all we know.

I cannot stop laughing at that.  And I nearly clipped three other bits of this of this essay instead of that one.

For No One



For No One is a Paul McCartney song about a fight with his girlfriend. Her name was Jane.
Jane was cold as ice. Not very nice. Paul said he wrote For No One in the bathroom at a ski chalet in the Alps on an unhappy vacation. I believe him. He sounds positively miserable.

Ooh, I’ve been there brother. Jane is so pissed at Paul that he has to abandon the bedroom to her festering rage and go sit on the toilet with an acoustic guitar just to get some peace and write this little masterpiece.

Remember kids, not everything about the Beatles revolved around John.  Paul was just as big a gun, and a pain in the ass, as John was.

At some point, probably 2 years from now, you'll realize how early I jumped on the Ukelele Beatles bandwagon and wonder why you never bothered to take me seriously about it.
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