Monday, July 6, 2009

Music Monday: Ryan Parker

I wanted to feature Ryan Parker this week because he is damn good at what he does.  Go visit his site, where he does the responsible thing and posts his lyrics.  I tell you, the little things matter.  I have always been and always will be pro-lyric sheet.

We start where it hurts the most.  One Bengals fan to another, and all that has gone wrong since then.  Your pain is my pain brother.  I still have my Rudi Johnson jersey.

Suck it Pittsburgh.  Put those City of Champions  t-shirts away.  3 titles in ten year between 2 teams in nothing.

I'll step away from hate and Pittsburgh for a moment and give credit to something that makes me want to puke.  Lakers + Led Zepplin = Vomit  It could only have been worse if it were the Yankees + Dave Matthews Bland.

Honestly, we move away from my pain, and onto someone else's.  And no, not your Mom's.  Ryan is not that type of guy.

And more...

Finally, no hate at all.  Just fun and truth.

Go and enjoy Ryan Parker.  He's having fun and entertaining us without any of the bs.  Even when his subject matter is distasteful, his songs ring true.
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