Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love you Twitter. #Pip

Search for me, and see how much I rule.

hairlessheart @KirstieMAllsopp Pip's rubbish at tweeting!

@Hairlessheart: I just started two days ago!  Give me time to get used to this!

 ModryDesign @nodavelo heard that Pip screwed up her shoulder 4 hours into the ride. #sucks

@ModryDesign:  *blush*  What can I say, I play rough.

N__JAY Morning, i plan to do my pip until my boyfriend comes over..
@N_JAY: Don't tell me wife!

ZeusTheCat Pip put a collar on me (grr) which made a bell noise, i was sure it was trying to get me! Pip made the bell noise go away today tho, yay!about 1 hour ago from web
@ZeusTheCat: My cats hated the bell collars to. They figured out how to take the collars off though, damn choke resistant collars with the breakaway feature.

KirstieMAllsopp Fell asleep over laptop must go to bed, well keep Tweeting tomorrow, with Pip.about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

@KristieMAllsopp: 1)  I'm working tomorrow.  2) My wife does like that I Twitter at all, never mind with another woman.

stevehensleyy parents bicker. oh well, gaming with my dad and then watchmen with the parents and PIP!

@stevehensleyy: Dude I hated Watchmen.  Go read the fucking comicbook loser.
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