Monday, June 22, 2009

USB Tuesday: Bling!

$600 for an 8gb usb drive.  You are probably wondering what year it is? 2004?  No, try 1994.


Sadly it was a limited time offer.  Remember, you heard it hear last.

Music Monday: Ukulele Beatles 19-22

In my absence I have decided to tighten this series up a bit by grouping the themes better.  Starting with lumping a month worth of Beatles on Ukulele together.

Have I mentioned that these Beatles tunes are sung by different artists and that they record the vocals, send them into the ukulele guys and then the Ukulele and other instruments are added?  It is an amazing process, and I cannot believe how effective it is.

Hold Me Tight

Musically this song is a success. Lyrically, embarrassing.

What’s going on here?

The contrast between the Beatles STD-riddled, licentious and voluptuous pill popping real lives, and the lyrics of their early teenage puppy love songs, was vast. I believe this cognitive dissonance was a central facet of their initial appeal.

Polythene Pam

Lennon was a pro. He wrote for a living, on a deadline. He preferred inspiration, like all sensible artists, but he did not rely on it. That’s because inspiration is for amateurs.


Modern gender political correctness did not exist in1968. Black “bird” is like saying black “chick”. Bird is British slang for girls. I wish that slang had caught on in America. Girls are birdlike, small, delicate, nervous, colorful, and beautiful. And they never stop chattering.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

While it may not be the very worst Beatle song ever, it is the worst one ever written by Paul.

The other three Beatles hated it as well. They were right to do so. John called it the “corny number” while they rehearsed it during the Let It Be/Get Back Sessions. To make matters worse, Paul used ridiculous amounts of studio time to try to polish this turd, annoying George Martin and the other Beatles in the process. To no avail.

Come back next week, where I may or may not be done with my list of songs that I always start singing to myself at work.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Million Dollar Idea:

When my madness strikes, you suffer.

I have seen that the most simple and efficient way to make it big quick in blogging is to have a single topic blog.  To relentlessly exploit a single idea or topic to infinity.  See:  Michael Pollan or Michel Foucault?,  I Can Has Cheezburger?,  Stop Makingt That Duckface,  Ask a Urinal, etc.  In this respect I think I have come up with an original concept, unresearched as of yet, The Pig Latin Blog.  The blog will contain some combination of: A) Nothing but posts about various topics in Pig Latin, B) links to places across the internet where Pig Latin has reared it's ugly head, or C) Translations of other blogs' posts into Pig Latin for either entertainment or annoyance purposes.  Now it probably needs a better title, and pity upon the soul who puts the work into that blog, but this one is a winner.

My mission for you, the two random people who read this blog, is any one of the following:
1) Create this blog for me and pay me a royalty for the idea.
2) Find out that this blog already exists and burst my bubble, making me cry myself to sleep.
3) Con someone into making this blog so we can laugh at and collect a royalty from them.

Go my minions and display to me the power I wield over the internets.