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Top Ten Friday Night: Sunday's Belated Best

Yes I am late, but I am here.  I want to get this up and I am still working out the best way to give credit, so a quick thank you to Nerdcore and The Great Geek Manual in advance for the links I've jacked from them.

100.  64 Things Every Geek Should Know.  I am obviously not worthy of the name Geek.  This list is impressive.  It should be this week's #1, except I want this one seen by everyone that finds this post.

60. Adding a Third Monitor

Studies show that dual monitor increase work productivity by 30%. As a geek, you'll need a third monitor to equal the dual setup of a layman (if that makes sense). While any hack with a VGA port can add a second monitor, it takes a true geek to add a third (or more). This will vary based on graphics/OS, so hit up Google for a tutorial or two.

99. 8 Most Common Ways to Kill a Computer.  Taken from the above list.  Very click heavy, but each page is a full article so it is worth every click.

USB Device Mishaps
"The USB drive melted in my hand..."
This is one that we've experienced first hand. Max, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, had routinely plugged one of hisUSB flash drives into a Pentium 4 system to transfer datawhen * pop * off went the computer in a silent flash of nothingness. Needless to say the motherboard, processor, and all the optical drives were toasted. As for the USB key... well, we've never had the courage to try it again.

92.  9 Greatest Fictional Video Games.  This list is skewed toward the stoner Adult Swim crowd, but still decent.

The 9 Greatest Fictional Video Games

#5: Global Thermonuclear War

From: WarGames
The "game" featured in the irresistibly cheesy 80s film WarGames is a diabolical hackers wet dream come true. In the movie, a character played by a young Matthew Broderick stumbles upon what he thinks is a top secret new video game, but is in fact a high-tech government tool used to simulate what would happen in a real nuclear holocaust. Once Broderick's character begins to play the game, all hell breaks loose as the government thinks a real attack on Las Vegas is happening, which raises the Defcon level and makes everyone in Washington crap their pants. WarGames' Global Thermonuclear War brings up an interesting question, one that asks what would happen if playing games, whether it's Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, had an actual impact on the real world.

89.  6 Evil Henchmen That Sucked at their Jobs.  These guys make the Keystone cops looks smart effecient and worthy of respect.  

Imperial Stormtroopers
Who Are They?
Soldiers of the Galactic Empire, as featured in the Star Wars franchise.
Why Were They Feared?
Stormtroopers started out strong. The way they stormed that Rebel blockade runner in Star Wars was pretty sweet. And the way they overran that Rebel base in The Empire Strikes Back was the epitome of cool (OK, so they let most of the rebels escape from Cloud City, but the rebels had inside help from known scoundrel Lando Calrissian, so we could let it slide). By that point, it seemed like Stormtroopers could do no wrong. But then something happened, something... awful.

Pictured: something awful.

71.  24 Great Films Too Painful to Watch Again.  These are not your wussy tear jerkers, these are the mindfuckers.

17. Leaving Las Vegas (1996)
It's been a long fall for Nicolas Cage, from celebrated Best Actor Oscar winner a mere decade ago to the star of NextGhost Rider, and (tee-hee, "How'd it get burned?") The Wicker Man. It's honestly hard to remember at this point what a revelation he was in his Oscar-winning role inLeaving Las Vegas, as a failed screenwriter pointedly setting out to drink himself to death. The film, written and directed by Stormy Monday's Mike Figgis, is more consciously polished and Hollywood-y than most of the films on this list, but it has much the same quality of unstintingly, aggressively delving into just how miserable human beings can get. It isn't enough, for instance, that co-star Elisabeth Shue is trapped in a degrading life as a Vegas prostitute. It isn't enough that her best friend is an abusive, suicidal drunk who seems content to drag her down with him. It isn't enough when she gets gang-raped, and subsequently evicted from her home by landlords clearly uncomfortable with the disreputable appearance of a bruised-up, limping rape victim. No, she actually has to get mocked and abused on her way home after the rape, as her taxi driver, noticing how gingerly she's moving, asks if she got "a back-door delivery you weren't expecting," then tells her she was asking for it by dressing the way she does. Only Figgis' glittery, somber direction and the leads' stellar performances turn this wallow in miserablism into something sadly poetic.
I love Elizabeth Shue, but her whole career has been weird.  Adn weird things always heppened whenever I went to see one of her movies.

68.  5 Pieces of Advice for the Young Entrepreneur.   Not bad, and I am probably too old to benefit from this.

#5 - Give the big middle finger to the “good or bad opinion of others“. When you’re 21 people are going to tell you you should “build your resume”, “get a full year of experience with a big company” or (my personal favorite) “be a doctor or a lawyer” (apologies to all my doctor and lawyer friends…God bless you and the world most definitely needs you!). These people (often your family and closest friends) have good intentions. They want what they think is best for you. But while their advice often comes from a pure place it also is very often misguided.

52.  10 Reasons Michael Bay Got Transformers All Wrong.  Nitpick!  The movie was full of action, a plot that was sustainable, and had Megan Fox.  If only the rest of the geek-hype movies had at least this much.  I'm looking at you X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Heck, this was EASILY Bay's best movie.  Although the point I quote is spot on.

7: Ugly robots
Okay, some things had to change from the 80s series. Megatron needed a transformed mode other than the hard-to-explain (or to reproduce in toys without criticism), gun mode. Some vehicles had to change due to a tie-in deal with General Motors. Since the premise of this whole series emanated from a desire to sell toys, one must accept that it’s already inextricably bound to advertising. Additionally, it’s a given that changes will occur, stylistic or otherwise, in transition of anything, from one medium to another. However! In changing the robots, did they have to become so darned ugly? The originals, in their physical toys at least, were minor marvels of engineering. The redesigned 2007 versions comprise unsightly masses of lines resembling shapes in a colouring book scribbled over by a toddler. They are difficult to behold without squinting to try and make sense of the haphazard shapes.
If you believe the reasoning offered by Camp Bay, realism was the goal. Yet, one need only refer to the recent Citroen adverts (and elsewhere) to see how realistic looking robots can be achieved without presenting overblown, grotesque mechanical anatomy. I pity the artists who have to reproduce them for the new comics series.

46.  13 Most Anticipated Movies for Guys.  So you know cliche shit guys like.  Explosions, Fart jokes, and Boobs.  Ug!  Me man, make boom, want girl, hahaha who farted.  Most of these will suck, but that wont stop them all from making money.


13. The Hangover

Release Date: June 5
Director: Todd Phillips
Why we’re Interested: Because Phillips brought us hits like Old School, and this one teams up comedians like Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Jeffrey Tambor, plus has an appearance by Mike Tyson (which you can see in the trailer below). Early buzz has been very positive, so hopefully this is one of the better Phillips comedies. At the very least, it should at least be fun seeing someone with an epic hangover. And Bradley Cooper is given an opportunity to run with a film after supporting roles in comedies like Wedding Crashers and Yes Man

44. 10 Other Origins Movies We'd Like to See.  Not bad, and has some unexpected things listed.  I also want to see the Frozone one as well.

2. The Departed Origins: Frank Costello

Frank Costello from The Departed

There were rumors a while back that the producers of the Oscar-winning The Departed were thinking of spinning off a movie series about Mark Wahlberg's character, but c'mon, while the guy was gorgeously foul-mouthed, he wasn't nearly as captivating as Nicholson's mob boss extreme, Frank Costello. The guy is perfectly suited for an origin story. How did Frank come to run his big corner of the world? What happened during his rise to power? When and why did he start working with the feds? This could be an epic rags-to-bloody-riches story, scripted by William Monahan, that would fill in all the gaps in Frank's legendary history. Rise-to-power stories are always popular and Frank Costello rose to a pretty prominent position. The biggest problem, of course, would be - who could step into young Frank's shoes? It doesn't feel like all the CGI in the world could make Jack young again and who would dare take on a role made famous by Nicholson? (Aside from the late great Heath Ledger, that is.) Our advice - Go with an unknown. Maybe he’d actually get an Oscar nomination for the part (unlike notoriously-snubbed Jack).

36.  Top Ten Leaked Movies.  I had never paid attention to this until Wolverine, but I can only imagine this happening more and more.  And it should, if Hollywood is going to give us crap then they should suffer.  This list contains partial leaks, which technically Wolverine was.

9) The Happening 2008 movie leaked online (trailer below) - leaked before its release.
I rest my case.

23.  Top 20 Sexual Terms Illustrated!  Try to guess what they are!

No hovering, you cheaters!

18.  Top 10 Drugs We Used as Kids.  Wow, our parents were either dumb or sympathetic to their own drug use.  I am shocked Gen X didn't all OD in high school.

Mark Mcgwire Approved Since 1990.
10. Big League Chew: Commonly known as the gateway drug, Big League Chew tactfully combined elements of both chewing tobacco and metabolic steroids. A half-ounce bag would usually run you about $2.99 at corner 7-11 but the sticky purple usually ran for $3.50 depending on whether or not it was little league season. Once the package was opened, the recommended 30 shred limit was frequently abused and you could get about three good wads in if your friends weren’t around to mooch. Quick flavor bursts and chewability score high marks with your pallete and within seconds your whole world goes pink as an enormous bubble bursts around face. Still, the flavor fades, and it fades fast. Soon one finds themselves with a normal glucose level and suddenly nothing is fun and bubbly anymore. Atleast, not until the next score.

11. Franz Kafka's 10 Favorite Videogames.  I love stuff like this because you know how dead on true it is.  Think of how many English teachers would be furious at the very existence of a list like this.

10) Pac-Man

An endlessly chomping yellow sphere is trapped in a labyrinth, pursued by four ghosts of the damned who mean to bring about his destruction. He occasionally can eat a smaller, blinking sphere which allows him to enact revenge upon his tormentors by consuming them, but the respite is brief - the agents of the damned re-emerge from their crypt only to continue the pursuit. This goes on in an endless series of chases, which end in the yellow sphere's death, rebirth, and death again, until it is finally released from its torment. Occasionally, there is sweet fruit.

1. Top 12 Photos of the Chrysler Building.  A beautiful building, a dead company.  How long before it gets renamed?  I know that it has been decades since Chrysler actually owned the building, but it is only a matter of time before someone buy's the naming rights.

Taken from the Empire State Building.  Fitting on so many levels.

That's it for this week.  I am liking the lack of slideshow lists.  Enjoy.
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