Friday, May 15, 2009

Top Ten Friday Night: Stretching Everything

Rewaching for topics, trying to beat my self imposed deadline, we have it all this week.

100.  Top 10 Signs Your Man is Gay.  Next week I'll make sure I use the Top 10 Signs You are desperate for Blog Material.  I honestly apologize for this one, and hope it makes you laugh.

96.  Top 10 Megan Fox Quotes.  Speaking of dumb things that I hope make you laugh.....
Megan Fox on Alan Alda
“I am pretty sure I am a doppelganger for Alan Alda. I’m a tranny. I’m a man. I’m so painfully insecure. I’m on the verge of vomiting now. I am so horrified that I am here, and embarrassed. I’m scared,” – Red Carpet Golden Globes 2009
File under:  Things that make you go WTF?!?!

88.  15 Vintage PinUp Photos of Sexy Celebrities.  A modern list in a classic style.  If this does not make up for the previous tow, then there is no hope for either of us.  And I am ok with that.

Rose McGowan:

72.  Super-Long List of Real Life Spy Gadgets.  There are too many to pick one!  But I'll go with the one on the left, because it's analog.  coda
Peephole reverser - This is also known in the business as a tactical door viewer. The device is simply placed over the peephole in the door, allowing you to look into a house or other building. Without alerting the occupants, you can easily assess any threats or potential hazards that may be inside before continuing.

68.  Top 10 Most Shafted Characters in Lost.  I do not watch this show, but continue to use Lost based Lists in a blatant attempt to draw traffic to my blog.  No I do not do the same for the girlie list I use each week, I actually have an interest in that subject.  coda

9 & 8) Paulo and Nikki
Paulo Nikki.jpg
A complete failed experiment -- the writers were thinking about introducing new characters from Flight 815, and pretending they'd been there all the time. "Yeah, remember when Paulo handed Sayid the water bottle that one time on the beach? No? Well trust us, he did." Yeah,, he didn't. It was a ham-fisted attempt to shove characters into a storyline that hadn't previously included them, and it was obvious -- but who knows what Lost had planned for these two? We'll never know, since we fans bitched and moaned and got their asses killed ASAP. Happily, they got a kick-ass sendoff in an episode full of Hitchcockian awesomeness. And so that one episode stands out like a What-If episode of Lost; sort of the Marvel comics assistant-editors month episode, where the story takes place in the same world, uses some of the same characters, but has little to do with what's come before, and is never spoken of later. 

59.  Rules for Time Travelers.  Any list that starts at zero has already one me over.  Even though I disagree with much of their logic, it is a fun list that is well thought out.  coda: same as above

0. There are no paradoxes.
This is the overarching rule, to which all other rules are subservient. It’s not a statement about physics; it’s simply a statement about logic. In the actual world, true paradoxes — events requiring decidable propositions to be simultaneously true and false — do not occur. Anything that looks like it would be a paradox if it happened indicates either that it won’t happen, or our understanding of the laws of nature is incomplete. Whatever laws of nature the builder of fictional worlds decides to abide by, they must not allow for true paradoxes.

55.  12 Futuristic Mega-structures.

Proposed Arcosanti Magestructure

47.  12 Perfect Laptop Stands.  Yes of course I pick the lowest tech one.  It's called "this is my blog and I'm going to have fun."

36.  10 Best iPhone Games for Hardcore Gamers.  #1 is there for a reason, but the rest of the list all look like winners.  Almost makes me wish I had an iPhone.  Rant: Dear Apple, F you and your a-hole pricing structure.   You are spending $300+ on too much storage or not enough, or you spend $200 on crap.  Give me an iPhone with some damn storage, or an old school iPod that had 80gig and is cheap! I need no other reason to hate you Apple, although I have plenty.  /Rant  coda: GGC again

1. Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($2)
Quite possibly the best iPhone game in existence. 60 huge levels, laid out precisely as you remember them. Smooth, functional controls (touch or tilt - your choice!), designed by the original creator and legendary designer John Carmack. What could be better? Only the upcoming port of Doom.

22.  12 Ways Videos Games Help our Real Lives.  Such a stretch, this whole list is.  But I want it all to be true!


Gaming Benefits: Social Benefits

Video games often get a bad reputation for diminishing the social skills of those that play them.  There is plenty evidence that supports just the opposite.  In fact getting together with your friends in the living or at a bar to play video games is on the rise.  It is the "sense of freedom and connection to other people" that make games more fun and addicting.
 You lose me right there guys.  Honestly, social benefits?  Give me a break.  All I learned from my geek friends was not to taunt anyone when winning at Magic: The Gathering, because you'd have the group gang up on next game.  Useful, but would I have not been better off just not playing Magic?!?!?!

18.  25 Computer Products that Refuse to Die.  A great list, very true, very honest, and had loads of information I was not aware of.  I miss floppy disks, and still have a ton of games I refused to throw out on them.

Floppy disks
Computer Products That Refuse to Die: Floppy disks
What they were: form of removable storage, in 3.5-, 5.25- and 8-inch variants, that started in the 1970s as a high-end alternative to saving programs on audio cassettes, then segued into serving as a handy complement to hard drives.
What happened: Until the mid-1990s, floppies remained essential. But then the Internet came along and provided folks with file downloads and attachments -- faster ways to accomplish tasks that had long been the floppy disk’s domain, without floppies’ 1.44MB capacity limitation. (Higher-capacity floppies arrived at about the same time, but never caught on.) Much higher-capacity storage media like Zip disks and recordable DVDs nudged floppies further towards irrelevancy. And USB drives -- which provide a gigabyte or more of storage for less than what I paid for one 72KB floppy in the 1970s -- finished the job.
Current whereabouts: Floppy drives are no longer standard equipment, but they certainly haven’t vanished -- in fact, you may have a computer or two around the house that sports one. New 3.5-inch drives and media remain readily available, and you might be able to find 5.25-inch ones if you hunt a bit. (8-inch floppies I can’t help you with.) Which leaves only one question: Under what circumstances would you opt for floppies over something like a $10 (or so) 4GB USB drive that holds 2750 times as much data?

5. Top 10 Cars to Have Sex In.  Great list, dirty, but well thought out.

5. Cadillac Escalade 

With plenty of room in this massive SUV, there's no need to contort your body into weird positions. While that's still a fun option, the ample headroom and cushy seats of the Escalade make any position a possibility, even doggie style. Bonus points if you can make the rims spin while parked.

1.   Top 50 Sci-Fi Characters.  As voted on by you!  And let me tell you, YOU SUCK!  YOU have no idea what the hell you are doing and should be banned from internet.  Another fine example of:  The masses are asses!  It's up here because I spent most of last night on it.  And because of this awesome accident:

The Dreaded Scott Bakula Paradox!!  My computer did not explose.  *whew*

Enjoy!  I did find some new sources this week, but man the GGM just feeds me the most.  I thank him for all his awesome work!
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