Friday, May 22, 2009

Top Ten Friday Night: Eight is not Enough

Look, I'm braking my rule this week.  I'm putting up a slide show.  They got me several ways with this one.  First they put together a really good list, second they made each click worthwhile by adding a lengthy write up on each page, and third the list 100 long.  I'm a sucker for that crap as you know.  I like quality gimmicks and a top 100 list will get nearly every time.

100.  Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time.  They nailed the top 10.  And the list is a nice mix of Marvel, DC, and Indie.  Very balanced and well thought out.  Not perfect, but well done.

53. Kraven the Hunter

image of Kraven the Hunter

Also known as Sergei Kravinoff, Kraven was a big game hunter who set his eyes on Spider-Man to prove to the world that he was the best hunter around.

95.  How to Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps.  Guess who skipped half of this list?  And I think this spot needs to be the idiot slot from now on.

Step 1: Pick a Purpose
Here are some reasons that you may want to start a blog:
  • To share your ideas and opinions
  • to make money
  • to teach, entertain or inform people
  • to make friends
  • to make a difference in the world

For each blog you create it is good to have a strong sense of that blog’s purpose and what you hope to accomplish with it.  If your sense of purpose is strong then everything else tends to fall into place naturally.

89.  15 College Movies With Actors Too Old For Their Roles.  This was half the joke about Old School.

American Pie 2 - Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan will forever be remembered for her role as the lovable girl dork in the American Pie franchise. It’d be suprrising for most to findo out that, by the end of her role as the infamous band girl, she was in her early thirties.

81. Energy Drinks of the Nineties.


Taglines:  “SUUURRRRRRGE!”, Feed The Rush, Life’s A Scream
Surge was a scream-inducing citrus soft drink that Coca-Cola made to compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew.  It went directly after the extreme (EXTREME!) sports lifestyle that Mountain Dew now covets, and did so successfully for a few years.  Unfortunately, SURGE was discontinued in 2002 and replaced by Vault.  For the SURGEaholics out there, SURGE is still sold in Norway.  Weird.
77.  How to Turn a Robot Evil in Nine Steps.  Goddamn robots.  Humans need 12 steps so they have show off their efficiency and do it in only 9!

Step Five: Build your robot out of alien technologies you found deep underground in a locked chamber that says "beware" on the outside in some kind of funny alien letters you can't read.
Alien tech is always better than human tech, especially for robots. Mecha Godzilla could tell you that, as could Megatron.

72.  Ten Worst Song Lyrics of All Time.   Try to get these songs out of your head.

10. Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap: "I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer"

65. The 10 Coolest Jobs in Tech.  Actually I'd like doing almost any of these.  I guess I should have gone back to college after all.

2. Computer games tester
Upside: you get paid to play games before anybody else gets their hands on them.
Downside: the pay's generally not great and do you really want to repeat the same level over and over and over again?

51.  16 Genuine Cyborg Technologies.   My favorite is the Liver.  This stuff is crazy, and I cannot believe how far we've come.  Most of these ideas need work, but by the time I need them, they should all be ready.

48.  Top 10 Most Disturbing Books of All Time.  See, the idiot Teetolers never ban the really fucked up stuff.  They ban the cool ones, or the good ones, never the ones that people could really get behind banning.

5. American Psycho

American Psycho really leaves you wondering a little bit about Bret Easton Ellis’ sanity. Many people are probably familiar with the movie starring Christian Bale, but the movie pales in comparison to the book when it comes to levels of depraved insanity. The book follows investment banker, and serial killer, Patrick Bateman over a few years of his life. As the book moves on his killings becomes more and more sadistic, leading to quite a few scenes that will never, ever completely leave your mind, including a particularly repugnant sequence involving a starved rat, some cheese, and a tube. You are guaranteed to feel a little filthy, at the least, after reading this book.

39.  10 Sexiest and Most Stylish Women of Star Trek.  What?!?!  I bet you think this is just a cheap excuse to post a picture of Jerri Ryan?  Well, it is!  I had completely forgotten about Ashley Judd until I read this list. Thank You List!

Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine (portrayed by Jeri Ryan) appears in Star Trek: VoyagerBorn human, she was assimilated by the Borg at the age of six.
Style: Seven of Nine's sports a hot figure-hugging silver costume (she has the figure to pull it off) and a stylish hairdo:

Seven of Nine

24.  10 Most Unusual Spam Cans.  If thought the stuff inside was weird.  Holy crap, wait until you see these cans.   I did not know you could take Spam and do unholy things to it.  Guess who was wrong!

Oh, and look: Just in case Tobasco wasn’t enough of an inferno…

Set your poor ass aflame with this sure-to-shit concoction. My goodness! Was it wholly necessary to combine Japapeno peppers with the already stomach churning mess that is SPAM? Apparently.

18. Top 50 Essential Sci-Fi Films.  The right movies are on this list, but in absolutely the most wrong order ever.  But go see as many of these as possible.  Not missing at all: The Matrix.  <--- not sarcastic I hated that stupid movie!  And anyone who's ever regularly read comic books should as well!

16. Explorers (1985)
Directed by Joe Dante
In his mid-’80s heyday, the manic, toon-inspired wackiness of director Dante transformed potentially predictable material like ‘The Howling’ and ‘Gremlins’ into madcap multiplex masterworks loaded with crazed invention. But with ‘Explorers’, this technique proves ultimately self-defeating: what begins as a sweet, thoughtful pre-teen drama builds beautifully into a compelling, wide-eyed interstellar fantasy, and then explodes, in the final act, into a noisy rubber-faced gagfest of monumental crassness. Still, that first hour-and-a-bit is marvelous. TH
Click here for the trailer to 'Explorers'

11. 100 Amazing Websites to Teach Yourself Anything.  Nearly anything anyway.

97.  U.S. Census BureauGet the stats on just about everything you could want to know about Americans on this site.

6.  7 Webotainers Worth Watching.  Let's see New Buzzword?  Check.  Alliteration? Check.  Quality things at each number? Check.  Yes this list has it all.

My Roommate the Cylon
Creative team Spaceshank Media drags the lofty Battletar Galactica mythology down to earth, where an apartment full of semi-dim twenty-somethings debate Cylon DNA.  Smart editing eliminates the need for stunt people to fall off a three-story balcony.

1. 10 Reasons Johnny Cash Owns Chuck Norris.

Reason 8.
Johnny was invited to play the at White House in 1972 for Richard Nixon. He was given a list of politically correct songs to sing. He instead metaphorically threw up his middle finger at the establishment, in true ShoutWire fashion, and sang a set full of left leaning, politically charged tunes. Chuck Norris has never told the president to fuck off in his own house.

'Nuff Said

Again, must thank to the blog I stole half my list from.  I've come a long way in 8 weeks.  Next step is finding another reliable source or two.
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