Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursdaytron: Interview...kinda

So I accidentally did my first interview.  It was one question.  But a question nobody had asked yet.  And the answer was well thought out, honest and dead on.  Concerning this discussion.

No one asked him what he thought!  I sent him the link to the Sci-Fight page and he thanked me, then I realized I did not see his answer to the question.  So I asked him.

I even asked my question as a lame tack-on to our email exchange:

BTW- Who do you think would win that fight?

Well well.  Someone asked ME. Okay, here goes.

Vader could beat Batman if Batman were asleep or drunk.  Otherwise Vader loses.  I submit to you the following:

1.  It's about the costume.  Nobody would doubt that Batman could beat the snot out of the wormy little child-murderer Anakin Skywalker.  He's just another killer with supernatural powers and a fancy weapon; Batman deals with this stuff all the time. 

2. Batman is smart, Vader is not.  Please remember that Vader was tricked into killing a school full of children by Palpatine.  Batman wouldn't do that.  Nobody would do that.  Anakin alone is weak enough.

3. Both men have money, but only Bruce Wayne uses it.  Vader represents a galaxy-spanning government, and it could be argued that he has access to more resources than Wayne could ever dream of.  But he never returns to Tatooine in order to buy his mother free from slavery.  He only goes and rescues her when he gets worried about her.  And he could have done it at any time, whether the council said so or not.  Remember that Anakin Skywalker does as he pleases; it's his whole rep.

4. Back to money.  When Batman knows what he's up against, he prepares accordingly, spends money, and wins.  He took down Superman and Darkseid that way.  Bear in mind that Superman and Darkseid are powerful enough to kill Vader on accident, without being aware of doing it.  And Batman beat them both.

5.  The force isn't that great.  Vader can use only ONE force power at a time, unless you distract him.  Batman can distract just fine; one bit of force choke and Batman can fling thermite, acid or simply throw an EMP grenade, which will shut down whatever electronics Vader is using.  And he seems to use them to breathe.  That is a distraction.  MAYBE Vader would have a chance if he was the Vader in the "Power of the Force" game.  But it doesn't look good either way.

6.  Vader is a bad guy.  He has killed children, tortured his daughter and who knows what else.  Batman is a good guy.  Vader can't win unless Batman is asleep or drunk.

Ahh.  That felt good.  Thank you for asking.  This isn't to say that Batman would lose against every Jedi; Mace Windu's Shatterpoint power set is pretty good.  He shouldn't have died in the third movie.  That brings in a Jedi's biggest weakness: bad writing

-lunch bag guy.

He posted it on the bottom of the comments in that thread.  I loved his joke/truth about a Jedi's biggest weakness being George Lucas!  I know he said bad writing, but we all know what he meant.  He sums up the reality of it in the first point "he's just another killer with Super Powers and a fancy Weapon.  Batman deals with this stuff all the time!"  It is Vader's suit that causes us to think Vader is anything other than another bully.  That suit is an elaborate life support system and is Vader's biggest weakness.  Batman would disable the suit, Vader dies, or surrenders.  The End.

The real debate remains:

Who'd win in a fight?
Paul Muad'dib or Luke Skywalker.
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