Monday, May 18, 2009

Music Monday: Release Me

2 Beattles tunes because I suck.  Wait a second, that should be 2 Beatles tunes because I am awesome.

Listen to Ydob Rodo, and as always READ the essay.

It was the last song The Beatles ever recorded. It is the valedictory. 

Because, as a lyric, is John’s most cogent (And to my mind most successful) explication of his personal philosophy. This is Lennon’s version of The Meaning Of Life. It displays the brilliance of reducing a worldview to one word, “Because.”

Listen to Good Night, and READ that essay too!

After a long and crazy 1968 you got a long and crazy (double) Beatle Album. It came out on the fifth anniversary of Dead Kennedy Day, the national television event that paved the way for The Beatles to emerge as a Lolita-like butterfly of fun fully formed on Ed Sullivan 3 months later. In Early 1964 The Beatles were an antidote of positivity for a grieving nation. By Christmastime 1968 they had become reporters and participants of the ongoing catastrophe. The White Album is so much of it’s era, it feels like it is vibrating the collective angst of an angry planet. It was a messy time. Like now.

Amanda Palmer's Drop Me:


Wilson Phillips - Release Me:

Screamers - The Beat Goes On:

I found these guys by accident, and you shall see that post upcoming, but I wanted to share.  They are an highly influential, never recored Synth-Punk band from the mid seventies.  Punk w/o guitars is fucking cool, to me anyway.  When I heard the Dead Kennedy's were inspired by them, it made complete sense.

Pennywise - Society

I did not realize they were in town last night, until it was too late to find a babysitter.   Dr Drew and Adam Corolla's most favorite band ever!

The Pierce's - Turn on Billie

An amazing pair of sisters that sing older sounding songs with a modern edge.  I know that's full of cliche's but they are amazing.  And this song has a super cute video.

That is my random collection of tune's for this week.  Have fun.
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