Monday, May 4, 2009

Music Monday: Brass Bonanza!

Beatles on Ukulele first and then I'll explain.

This week's song is The Inner Light.  Some Buddhist song by George.



The Inner Light is your typical everyday Celtic/Indian/Chinese Folk Song about the Meaning Of Life.
It was, appropriately, recorded originally in Mumbai, India, with local musicians, and ruined later in London. 
(The Beatles should have recorded an entire album in India, that would have been profound.)
Ringo isn’t on it. Never a good sign. (Pretension Alert). It wasn’t going to get a lot of effort because it wasn’t John or Paul’s idea. John and Paul’s gesture of help was to sing harmony only on the very last line of the song, “Do all without doing.” 
Very telling. Talk about damning with faint praise. I can just imagine George thinking, 
“Gee, thanks for all the help fellas.”

Yeah 1968, The Beatles knew the end was near, but nobody else did.

The Brass Bonanza!  Old Theme Song for the Hartford Whalers (now Carolina Hurricanes).


Read, while trying to get that song out of your head!

Still stuck in your head?  Read some more then.

Why did I torture you with this?  Because the Boston Bruins are currently playing the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL Playoffs, and I like taunting the Hurricanes.  Go Bruins!  Plus the song is just awesome and my wife is going to murder me if I play it while she's home one more time.  I only do it on game day baby!  And it's your fault I got hooked on the song in the first place.  :P

I am an Abusive Blogger.  I do bad things to my readers, but fear not!  I was raised Catholic so I have tremendous amounts of guilt.  To make up for what I have done to you with the Brass Bonanza, I give you Pixies.

Pat Benatar is one of those suck musicians that has embedding disabled on her videos.  You suck!  But I still love your music.

I should save this next one, I really should.  I've already hurt you once this post, and I could do a 100 on this at some point soon.  Two more ads and I'd be there.  But I am a sadist and you are a masochist so sit back and enjoy the pain.

More pain next week, I promise!
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