Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daily Disambiguation: Vertigo


We start with the specific type of dizziness, related to a balance disorder.  It is apparently a genus of snail, an imprint of DC Comics, a student newspaper from the University of Technology Sydney, a car from Belgian automaker Gillet, yes Belgian automaker,  an international independent film magazine, a stealth bomber from the game Command and Conquer 3, a character from Primal Rage, an event on American Gladiators, and apparently a movie form some director I've never heard of.

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Vertigo (Album Version) - Subtonix

I was not aware the the song I streamed above was a cover to this video below.  I like it either way, so you get it twice.

I cannot believe I have never heard of the screamers before! Thank you silly blog idea for introducing me to an awesome band.
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