Tuesday, April 21, 2009

USB Tuesday: Tools!

Our inspiration this week came from Nerdcore.de, seriously I am so glad I stumbled upon his blog.

It's a USB Chainsaw, useful for fighting USB Zombies.  From the asian limited edition version of Resident Evil 5.

Now I face one of those tough editorial choices us bloggers encounter daily.  Do I blow my only other good one now or make you wait until the end?

Guess what?  I suck.

No, it really works.  As much as any infomercial gimmick can.  Why don't you go buy one and then tell me how awesome it is.

I can't make it up to you.  I can show you a cool key shaped usb drive.

Buy  After looking at LaCie's website these are serious products that they put real time into designing.

Two batteries:
1) A flash drive.


2) A Battery.  Yes, it's a battery that you charge via a USB port hidden in the head.


Know how I told you I was saving my only other good link for last?

I nailed you on that one!   Buy
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