Tuesday, April 7, 2009

USB Tuesday: Opening day!

One is just not enough to celebrate the start of the new MLB season.

Basics first.  Baseball is a game of fundamentals, so for USB that means your basic Flash Drive.

It's a stretch and I doubt I will do it often, but there is nothing more nostalgic than mini baseball helmets.  Turn those helmets into USB mice and you have a winner.   buy

I'm afraid to post the picture, because it's ugly and I can't see the functionality, but the concept rules so you'll get the link.  USB speakers shaped like baseballs.

Baseball lights up my life.

Don't like my bad puns?  Too bad!  I am a huge fan!  Of both baseball and my own bad jokes.

Note:  I have intentionally left off the bracelet.  They are lame as hell and I refuse to ever link to them.  In fact if I ever see you wearing one I am going to rip it off your wrist and throw it as far as I can into either the woods or oncoming traffic.

Enjoy the baseball season, it's the best reality show on TV.

PS- I did not know the Red Sox was going to get rained out.  Do not blame me for that.
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