Tuesday, April 14, 2009

USB Tuesday: Dismemberment

I am currently suffering from a mild one night insomnia, but you get to suffer too.  Warning these things are creepy and as themed together as I can at 3:35am.

We'll start off with something cute.

Relive your messed up childhood by ripping the head off a Teddy Bear!

I believe in the bump so we stay cute, and headless!

I don't think she realizes how creepy yanking a head off is.

Time for the good stuff, CSI !  Etsy

If you thought what they are doing to him in the upcoming movie was bad, you ain't seen nothing, until you've seen:

Poor Cobra Commander.  No one will ever respect you.

Being a geek poses some real challenges.  For example, who do you maintain your geek cred while simultaneously letting everyone know you are a bad ass?

Maybe you are bad assery is of a more urban variety?  bh

More cute!  This time of a bow tie wearing Koala.  A headless Koala of course.  bh

Lastly I give to you a collection of creepy animals with severed heads.  All made from clay apparently.  She'll customize something for you as well.

I wonder if she's a Beastie Boys fan?
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