Friday, April 10, 2009

TTFN: Double Cracked

100.  Top 6 geniuses who lived to see their inventions go horribly wrong.

The record player.  Sad sad event that happened to such a nice piece of wax.

97.  Top 9 reasons to go to opening day.  A bit late, but whatever.

94. Top 24 Fictional Ads in SciFi Movies.  Of course half of them are from 3 movies, but the rest are fun reminders of how little things can be fun.

86.  List of answers to the question: When is a piece of art done?  Eclectic, non-numeric, and awesome.

81.  Top 10 Bloodhound Gang songs.  Warning: Offensive.  If you needed that warning then I am very glad I provided it!

74.  Top 500 search terms according to this ghetto search engine.  It's here solely due to the 500 thing.

73.  Top 12 Smoke Hoods.  Homemade gas masks, I think.  Creepy + Cool + DIY =

68.  Top 10 ballpark foods .  I hate slideshows and click heavy lists.  Holy hell they piss me off.  But this makes the cut due to #10.

55.  Top 22 Movie drunks.  #1 is so obvious, but sthe list is very well done.

Harvey was not #1, but still awesome.

49.  Top 25 iPhone Apps!  ZOMG!!!  I don't even have an iPhone!

33.  Top 6 most depressing IMDB pages.  Seriously these people were actors and apparently no one cares.

24. Top ten reasons ESPN has gone West.   You forgot to mention their epic fail with the launch of ESPN2.  But you live you learn, you become big and arrogant and you forget, so you learn again.

11.  Top 25 albums that work best when listened to from start to finish.  The list sucks, but the sentiment is sincere and true.  The album as we know it as a collective piece of art will soon be extinct.  :(

1. Top ten geeky last words.   #1 is the best, by far!

Maybe next week, I'll actually edit this thing......
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