Saturday, April 4, 2009

Top Ten Friday Night!

For those with nothing better to do on a Friday Night I'll compile the Top "Ten" List of Top "Ten" Lists.  The quotes do indicate that I will have a very liberal definition of the number 10.

100. The 100 Typography Resources for Professional Designers.  Now, there is a real chance that 1 or even possibly 2 professional designers will actually read this post.   And if they do A) That would be fontastic, and B) They'd be horrified by the look of my blog.  And even longer is the chance that a layman will actually appreciate one of the links on that list.  and that would just rule.

99. If you think Lost is confusing, try keeping track of Terminator's TEN timelines.  Jesus!  If time travel exists it can't possibly be this confusing.

81.  Best Photos take by the Hubble Telescope.  As amazing as these are, they still do not justify the colossal waste of money that piece of crap is.  It was obsolete before it went up in orbit and it's had more maintenance issues than Adam Sandler's Piece of Shit Car.  Crappy slideshow warning #1.

77.  Awesome list of Sports Maladies that you'll never see on ESPN.  The best is last on that list.  A very well crafted Ricky Henderson joke, that Ricky Henderson would never understand.

64. Top 10 most procrastinating cities when it comes to filing tax returns.  As based by TurboTax upon 2008 data.  F'n awesome.  I have not done my taxes yet.  Have you done yopurs?

59. Here is where the G20's list of top Tax Haven's would go.  But the idiots in the main stream media can report about the list, and print reactions to the list, but they are unable to achieve the basic task of actually printing the list!  No wonder newspaper's are dying, the things we want to see they aren't showing us!  The thought of not having the Boston Globe around is worse than actually not having around.

53.  Top 10 ugliest Kicks of the last 20 years.  These are some ugly sneakers.  The you ain't got no alibi kind of ugly.  Want a sample?  Are you sure, Blogger does not have a spoiler feature so I can't hide it.  Alright, I have two last words of warning: Kanye West.

48. Top 10 PSX games downloaded for play on the PSZ (PS3, sorry I remember when sony started calling the PS2 the PSY).  Short term retro, but still cool.  I know it's 2009, but retro 90's is already here.  See my Editor's (wife) interest in the NIN / Jane's Addiction tour.

43.  The Top Ten Racing movies list is so well compiled that I have to have it on here.  I apologize for the click intensive pain in the ass slideshow bullshit.  The only thing worse than a news story only available in video form is the forced slideshow.  Can the crappy high end graphic and post the damn list.

31.  Top Ten ER Finale moments. Call it first-timers mess-ups, but I apologize again for the horribly formatted list.

28.  Top 10 Greenwashing Companies.  Greenwashing is like whitewashing the truth, but here the truth is about being green.  As cynical as it may be, the more a company advertises it's environmental responsibility and achievement the worse the company is for the environment.

22. Top Ten Athletes that are also Dead Beat Dads.  I can't believe I nearly forgot this one.  I'll be more organized next week.  Stop laughing that was not a joke!

11. The Best 1-800-Collect ads from the '90's.  Did I mention retro 90's is already upon us?  Well, it is.  And these ads were truly awesome.  Including, but not limited to Eva Savalot , the character that saved the career of everyone's crush, Alyssa Milano.

10.  Top Ten Star Wars Toys.  Notice the lack of Prequel toys?  Good list.

1.  Top Ten Slang Terms from the 90's.   I set that up rather nicely, didn't I?  Hella right I did!

When that song came out it annoyed the living shit out of me.  Now I have to admit it's grown on me.  It's the keyboards, I'm a sucker for cheesy keyboards.
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