Friday, April 17, 2009

Top Ten Friday Night: Sparkles!

No, not another one of my beat a dead horse Twilight jokes.  Those will come, trust me.  No, this weeks list has been named after our 100 entry:

100.  The 25 Sparkliest Blogs of this Millenium.

That is her list's badass logo.   Included in her list are three of my favorite blogs:  I can haz cheezburger, Kissing Suzy Kolber, and Cake Wrecks.  Unicorns aside, she has good taste.

95. Star Trek Gets Ruined in 80 Ways JJ Abrams Could Never Dream Of.   Viva Photoshop!

92.  Top 50 Best Selling Console Games of this Decade.  Great and interesting list.  I will not jack their whole table.  Go check it out for yourself.

88.  Top 10 Grimoires.  Crank up the occult geek within you with this list.  No I did not just choose this list because they used a picture of SMG to tease their post!!

82. Top NFL First Round Draft Picks, By draft position, of the last 10 years.  Not a bad list, also not a great one.  I'm sorry, but Lee Evans may not have been a bust but he was hardly worth a first round pick.

AP rightly owns the 7 slot.

74.  Top 5 office supplies you can use as utensils at lunch time.  Look we've all been there at work.  Sat down to lunch with no utensils.  This list could keep you from starvation.

67.  Top 10 Wackiest Headphones.  Now I'm sure you are sick of my anti-slideshow rants, but I am stuck with them until this feature gets big enough that I can ignore them, or can feel justified in reformatting them.

59.  Top 20 Movies that Make you wish you went to College.  Yes Number is there for a reason.

Old School wedding scene.

44.  25 Hardest Videogames of All time.  A pretty balanced list between old-school and new.

Again, my apologies for the slideshow.

31.  Ten Ways Geeks Spent Easter.  I must admit the great geek manual helped inspired me to launch this blog.  I'm sorry man, that was not meant as the insult it may seem like.

08. We watch Zombie movie marathons to commemorate the resurrection of Christ our Savior.

I blasphemed!

28.  Top 20 Fantasy writers of all time.  I've read maybe half the list and have only heard of maybe 3 of those I have not read.

16.  Songs to re-install your OS to.

10.  15 Film Production Credits Explained.  Yes, that's educational!

Go read the explanations!

5.  Top 9 Rocket Sleds!  It takes something special to have more than one single digit entry.  Rocket Sleds are special.

1.  Random Message Board's Top 50 Reasons The Dark Knight Sucked.

4. Acting

The Joker is supposed to be a villain, yet throughout the movie he is seen smiling. Note to Ledger: you might want to change your facial expression once in a while. It’s called acting.

7. Slut!

Minutes after kissing Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal turns around and snogs Aaron Eckhart. Are these the values we want to instill in our kids?

16. Double Casting
In an obvious cost-cutting measure, actor Heath Ledger plays multiple roles, appearing as a police officer and a nurse. The effect is made even more obvious when the makeup department fails to cover Ledger's numerous facial scars.

17. Double Casting, Part 2
To make this even more noticeable, both Batman and Bruce Wayne are played by the same actor. (This error is especially noticeable on IMAX screens.) 

Brilliant display of why we love message boards.  Do not go there to sign up and screw with a dead thread.  Just read it and enjoy please.
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