Monday, April 13, 2009

Music Monday: More random than a dice roll

Beattles on Ukulele: In My Life and as always, the Essay is nearly better than the song.

The Ross Sisters (from 1944!) Singing a song about Potato Salad.  Someone needs to cover this ASAP!

Awesome name + Keytar =  HELL YES I'M POSTING THIS!

If you dare, I will provide to a link to download the 1980 Star Wars Christmas album.  Actually it is worse than that, it is the soundtrack to the Star Wars Christmas special.  The only up side is that in 1980 there were no Ewoks.

I'll have to make that up to you somehow...

Beetlejuice? nc

Fine, I'll have to resort to some Pixies to make things up to you.

We'll close this week with the Get Smart theme.  Try to get that out of your head.

Sorry, but I just saw this and had to add it.  Of course I add the full 2:30 version, because I'm an ass.  Play at your own risk.  I like Square Butts Burger King / SpongeBob KIDS MEAL ad!!

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