Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Cube Tray of the Week!

Really, I am going there and doing this.  I sell this blog as an outlet for my insanity and yet I have never really given you a taste of it.  So each week here at PBI, I will bring you:

The Ice Cube Tray of the Week!

Launching this feature we give you, from the fine folks over at ThinkGeek, Spheroids!

Yes, weird oblong thingys that need to be made very carefully if I am looking at the picture right.  But, like most things at ThinkGeek, this is more than one thing.  The wine cooler aspect of it makes it twice as cool as just your average cool shaped ice cube tray.  Actually, this tray includes a plastic bucket that serves as a liner to keep the water in place, and doubles as a wine bucket.  Kind of cool, actually.

I do have a rule of thumb about new "features", if I don't think there is a year's worth of material then I don't think it's worth doing.  In other words, yes I have seen enough other awesome ice cube trays to justify this as a new feature.  Truly, I have issues.  Enjoy.
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