Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Cube Tray of the Week!

Really, I am going there and doing this.  I sell this blog as an outlet for my insanity and yet I have never really given you a taste of it.  So each week here at PBI, I will bring you:

The Ice Cube Tray of the Week!

Launching this feature we give you, from the fine folks over at ThinkGeek, Spheroids!

Yes, weird oblong thingys that need to be made very carefully if I am looking at the picture right.  But, like most things at ThinkGeek, this is more than one thing.  The wine cooler aspect of it makes it twice as cool as just your average cool shaped ice cube tray.  Actually, this tray includes a plastic bucket that serves as a liner to keep the water in place, and doubles as a wine bucket.  Kind of cool, actually.

I do have a rule of thumb about new "features", if I don't think there is a year's worth of material then I don't think it's worth doing.  In other words, yes I have seen enough other awesome ice cube trays to justify this as a new feature.  Truly, I have issues.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poll time!

Okay, I need to work on my next spin-off project.  Should I do a Political Blog or a Blog about helping Nice Guys get the Girl.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The 100: Obama

Really, yes!  And that quick a turnaround too.  To celebrate the first 100 days of Obama, I give you a world's obsession with America's President.

A few important notes:

A) I am not an Obama obsessed person.  I like him, voted for him, glad he's the President.  But I did not sign up for the cult.  I am chronicling the obsession, I am not part of it.

B) For an idea of what to expect, check out my  Tetris and Monopoly posts.

C) Yeah there is very little, if any anti-Obama links here.  I am not chronicling hatred, I am chronicling obsession.  If it makes you feel better, laugh at all off this, and dismiss these links and their sources as nutjobs.

D) If you still want to talk politics, stop and read no further.  I don't want to hear it, and you sure the hell do not want to hear my politics.  Trust me.  That will come, I promise you, and you will not like it.

E) If you are still having issues reading this post for what is, please know that Bacon is my next project, and who doesn't like Bacon?  I know, vegans.  But you are dealing with the person that cooked chicken right outside of a vegan potluck dinner.  I felt bad, but did not stop.  Life sucks, kids.  People do things you won't like.  The best ways to handle it are to laugh or walk away.


1. Craig Kilborn always started 5 questions with a geography question.  I always start the 100 with a Wikipedia entry.

2.  Let's take a quick peak at the absurd.  Yes we can opener.   Now maybe they are trying to be insulting, to either the man himself or his following, but I cannot resist a pun of that magnitude.

3.  After Bush we really needed a President with brains.  Now, as many of you are aware, I am obsessed with the parody of those Hope posters.  Obsessed.  I love them and they are awesome.  I will not kill you with them.  There will only be 2 more and I will link to sites that have a ton of them.

4. Another borderline insulting one, but whatever.  comedy is comedy and awesome is awesome.  This is both!

5. Let them eat pie!

6.  Ch...Ch...Ch..Ch...Changes!

7.  You don't like pie?!?!  That's okay, how about Bacon and Donuts?

8.  Check out this list of inappropriate songs people used to celebrate Obama's inauguration.  No people did not actually use them, we are not that crass in America.  Okay, we are.

9.  Obama fights evil!  As both a Jedi and a Ninja.

10.  LOLbama! Again, I could kill you with these, but I will limit them and spread them out.

11.  Obama leaves his tracks behind your every step.  *insert OJ/Shoe joke here*  Who the hell knew that these 100 projects would lead me to so many sneakers?  I never expected this.

12.  Gay Satanists  supported Obama!  I knew he was evil, despite fighting Darth Vader!  Yes, I really should just do 4 of these 100's for Obama.  One for general stuff, another for parodies of this logo, a third for parodies of the Hope poster, and a fourth for LOLbama.  Again, my promise to you is that I won't over do the logo parodies.  We are at three already, I'll try to stop at 5.

BONUS:  See the stuff that SuperPunch posted that I did not link to.  Really, I did not use it all, not even half!

13.  15 times he has graced the cover of Time magazine.  Wow.  Just wow.  And we have at least 4 years of this.

14.  If you aren't tech savy then you won't understand the importance of this.  Just trust me, it is a big big deal, and shows us all we need to know about what President Obama is all about.  One word: Transparency.

15.  I'd give boing boing the same bonus I gave to SuperPunch, instead, because they make it difficult, I'll just say thank you and post one last link.   Yes, Obama built a powerful coaliton.  He was able to win by bringing the Gay Satanists and the D&D crowd together.  Obama is not my homeboy, he is my DM.

16.  Some art that was inspired by Obama is not good.  Others are just cool.  This is the latter.

17.  You know my rule about being cool right?  No wiki = not cool.  Well what happens when you have two?    It absolutely means that you are twice as cool.

18.  People were worried that with Bush leaving office that it would be the end of comedy in America. Well it has not even been a month and let me tell you that our nations comedians are stepping up to the challenge.  Viva La Cebolla.

Ok I am going to be nice with my Nerdcore section here.  I'll try not to link directly to his site.  Not because I don't love it but because it's in german and because most of his finds were buried in link dumps.  He did use tags properly so you will get that as well.

19. Super Obama World.

20.  I will grudging yield to the Mac crowd on this one.  You and your computer of choice still suck, though.  Four.

21.  This video is partially responsible for inspiring this post.

22.  Another sign that he's cool?  The White House is now the Wii House.

23.  Poor Obama's first 100 minutes in office.  Did you know how many cigarette breaks he took?

24.  The Japanese are crazy .  Yes I know it was an American that trained his dog to say Obama (go find that yourself!), but man this is crazier.

I have done many unforgivable things in my life.  Embedding that video is being added to the list.  I apologize. But, I'm not removing it.

25.  If you have not heard about this , then I am never speaking to you again.  The President and I have the same favorite superhero.  That is NOT why I voted for the man, I found after election day.

26.  Once again I must bring up the subject of his diverse base of supports.  Gay Satanists and D&Ders meet girls who are sill in love with unicorns.  This t-shirt is wrong on many many levels.  So many.  It hurts how properly layered the jokes are too.  Oh my.

27.  Mosiacs are cool.  There I said it.  Fine, maybe they aren't cool, maybe Obama made it cool.

28.  Mr. President  look out!  Pac-man is about to eat your Mac Logo!  Spot the geek.


29.  Someone has done this before.  Although he's not retreading the same waters.

30.  You also can't be cool without a blog.  He even added the rss feed.   Re-watch his first weekly address. Re-watch, meaning you had better have watched this previously!

31.  I heard about this on NPR the week of the inauguration, but without visuals it was easy to pretend that I did not hear it.  Again, oh my.

Did you think I would spare you?  After what I did to you by embedding that video from Japan?

32.  Holy crap!  Now you really can play Tic-Tac-Toe with your friends!!!

33.  Despite the absurdity of that shop, I do have to say Hell Yeah!

34. For some reason I have not used the name Shepard Fairey yet, but after reading the letter he got from Barack I feel I must.


35.  DIY + Obama =


I have to ask: Where the hell where LED's when I was a kid?  All I had were those crappy Garfield reflectors that came free in my box of Frosted Flakes.


37.  I guess really is that annoying.

38.  I know that I have been saying wow a lot.  Let me say it again, WOW.

39. That whole blog if full of win.

40.  Subtle.

41.  We know who the Harlem Globetrotters were voting for.  Did I say five?  I really meant ten, I swear!

42.  One last link to the Obama Art site.  check it out, there were some great things I passed over.  Never has an American politician inspired so much art.

43.  What better way to celebrate number 43 than by pointing out that Barack Obama is related to W!  Seriously.

44.  Sorry about that.  We will wash the horror of that with a frigging adorable picture of Barack as a child.  Holy crap he was cute!  Thank you Vanity Fair!

45.  And back to the the Wow's.  Wow.

46.  Alright let's hit some LOLbama!

47.  Nine.

48.  That one!  I will not post an image because I am not wasting number ten on that one!

49. Campaign promises:

50. Party like a Barack Star!  Here or here.

51.  Trading Cards, Light Up Key Chain , and Glass Tumbler.  And.....

52.  It's got to be the shoes!

53.  I thought this was funny.  I thought it was a joke.  Not a joke.  Very real.  AWESOME pun.

54.  I found out it was real thanks to some british guy.

55.  Homer tries to vote for Obama.

56.  Brian Griffin endorsed Obama.

57.  I saw a couple of Obama as a Jedi things, but none of them did the obvious!

58.  After the Japanese video I hesitated about this link .  But I have to give the haters something.  Because, you know he's full of crap.

59.  I like him because he gets it.

60.  Etsy time.  165 pages of results.  There is some non-Obama stuff there, but still that is a ton of craft.  And where shall we start this visit to the world of crafts?  With an Obama pun of course!

61.  Michelle deserves some love too.

62.  You've heard it all about the man haven't you?  All the amazing things he will do, how cool he is.  But I bet you did not know that he'll keep your head warm!

63.  First DJ.

64.  If you have gotten this far then you realize that President Obama is a geek.

65.  Etsy doesn't count.  Cuff links.

66.  The question was asked, "What's in a name?"  We answered, "Nothing!"

67.  Hope this guy left room for expansion.

68.  Win!

69. Owned!  We'll see though.  I am not optomistic enough to buy this shirt, but I give credit to those that are.

70. Generation O.

71.  Not an Obama item at all, but the fact that these came up as part of my search is awesome.

72.  Last but not least.  I will stop there, because I'm trying to keep this as balanced as possible.  I'm not doing well, but I can say stop occasionally.

Again, etsy is a site with many more amazingly creative people than I could possibly link to.  Kudos to all of them for their work.  And I apologize for those I did not link here.

73.  I also like that our new President is in touch with real, everyday Americans.  Honestly, who hasn't dropped their cell phone in the parking lot?

That's an AP Photo please don't sue me!!

74.  Every noteworthy President needs a nickname:  Tricky Dick, Slick Willy, Dubya.  Today we now have President Pottymouth.  Take that  literally and as a warning.

Do not touch the President's french fries!

75.  CNN speculates that President Obama's Blackberry, is not actually a Black but rather it's a General Dynamics Sectera Edge.  Obviously for security reasons, the NSA would not comment.  You can't hack something if you don't know what you are trying to hack.

76.  Presidential Pez.

77. Bro's before Ho's.  Still funny.  I'd link the site where you could have bought that, but sadly they'll be officially out of business before this post goes up.  I'll miss you T-shirt hell.

78.  Make your own Obama Poster out of your pictures.

79.  We'll wrap-up the Shepard Fairey posters with a page full of parodies, and I'll share with you my favorite, DOOM.

80. Shep's done, now to finally kill the logo.  What's the best way to do that?  Legos.

81.  There is always room for desert.  Especially because I could not find a massive collection of his logo's.

82.  Fact: Nothing says "I'm obsessed" better than MySpace graphics.

83.  Too far.

84.  7.7 million different computers streamed the inauguration online.  That is a record.  The inauguration however did not set the record for most web usage, his election did that.

85.  What do I love better than bad jokes?  Old bad jokes!  Coffee Mug, check!

86.  Sing it!

87.  It gets worse than that.  There are over 800 Obama songs on youtube.  I believe these are 800 different songs.  Go listen for yourself.

88.  Dancing with Ellen.  Shockingly enough he has better moves than a 40something white lesbian.

89.  On Letterman:

90.  He does not twitter as much now that he's President.  :(

91.  Facebook?  MySpace?  A jedi needs not these things.  He creates his own social network.

92.  I think I heard somewhere that he is a White Sox fan.  The feeling is mutual.

93. Let them eat Cupcakes!  Yes, that mosaic was made with cupcakes.  Obsession knows no bounds.

94.  Of course it would be a sin to link to Cake Wrecks and not post a Cake Wreck!

You know what, I'll be done with that logo when this post is over.  Call me a liar if you will, call me a flip-flopper.  I'll do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

95.  Own the inaugural watch.

96.  Store.  You reach that next level when you get an entire (or 5 of them!) selling nothing but crap based upon you.

97.  He's not our first black president, he's our first Punk Rock President.

98.  This game is nothing but a snood knockoff, but it is a good one.  It's also a primary gag, so it's old and may not survive much longer.

99.  What better way to talk about a liberal than with an astrological chart.  Heck I'll give you two!  Compare and contrast that.

100.  What better way to close this out than with an animated gif.   I found it in a comment on an article, and the comment is buried.  I tried to find another source, but could not.  Either way it is awesome.

I'm sure if President Obama knew what he would inspire, especially the stuff I passed on, he would never have run.  Tough luck buddy, you did this to yourself.  Maybe if you had been old, bald, and white your life would have been simpler.