Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 10 Months of 2008

10) January  The Patriots continue to roll.  Feb would have been #1.  :(

9) February  discover a breif by fun addiction to Kdice.

8) September  Decisions were made, by me and others, that set up for the knock out October that won the year for me.

7) December  Launch of the Third String Quarter Back. And my Mom signed up for Facebook.  Don't worry Your Mom is next!  Wow that's both the saddest and scariest Your Mom joke I have ever made.  I found out Giselle has a twin sister.  Seriously how did I not hear about this sooner!  Her name is Patricia.

6) March  The launch of my first Mock Madness tournament.  Winner has yet to be announced because I am that type of jerk.  I have 2 planned for this march.  One for the here at the PBI and an updated version of last year's over at the 3SQB.  Brett Favre retires.  Sadly this too could have been #1.

5) July  I discover the joy of  Camping

4) June  Celtics finally win Title #17

3) November  Barack Obama Elected

2) October  Got married, got a job. (placed second because this is not a blog about my personal life, but the events were so significant that they could not be ignored.)

1) August  because it was the official launch of this blog.

2009 is here, enjoy because I know I will.
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