Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 100: Monopoly

Choosing subject number two was difficult.  The obvious choice was the Super Mario Brothers, but I did not want to do back to back video games.  And I figured that because it's after christmas we are seeing this one in action.  In fact I guarantee there is a store somewhere that had 100 different versions of monopoly for sale under one roof.  This one may be light on music and videos but it will loaded with content.  Enjoy!

1.  As always we start with the Monopoly Wikipedia entry.

2. Googolopoly.  Yes, Google is that cool.  As cool as every darn city in the US, every major university, and any TV show or Movie worth more than a couple million..  Now let me state this right from the start.  This is not a look at 100 different Monopoly Themes.  No.  This is a 100 things inspired by Monopoly.  This is about a fun and "healthy" obsession with fake money, fake property, and humiliating your friends.

3. Apparently their was a game show.  It failed, horribly.  Even the midas touch of Merv Griffin could not make it work.  Listen to the theme song.  And watch this clip:

4. Do you lack a sense of humor?  Then don't click this uncyclopedic entry about the game. 5. This tattoo rules.  Flat out.  This is obsession.

5. Gotta love rich girls!  Crafty ones at that.

6. Monopolize your blog or website, or just your computer with this group of icons.

7. Awesome cupcake toppings, that are made from scratch.  A quick search did not yield too much about the creator, although she is known amungst the cupcake corner of the blogosphere.

8. I'll trade you Flickr, Digg AND Mashable for MySpace!  What?  You wouldn't give up MySpace for anything?!?!?

9. Poor Only Monopoly Blog.  Died before blogging really took off. Check out his strategy distribution charts.  Very interesting.

10. Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wikia, has a separate monopoly entry.  Apparently so does the Muppet Wikia.

11.  And of course Monopoly has it's own wikia.  Why? because you cannot be cool without your own wikia.

12. Steal these sneakers and go directly to jail.  Do not pass Go!  Do not collect $200.  Jokes aside, I have to admit that the silver token ones do look cool.

13. You have to use REAL money to buy this t-shirt.  I am loving this opportunity to use every single bad joke I can think of!

14. This guy is a buzzkill.  But he found some cool links so we're going with him.  Including this image of an OLD version of the game.  Round!  How frigging cool is that.  Sadly his site is down as of this edit.  I hope whatever the issue is gets fixed because his site was well worth the visit.

15. One of his gifts is a different take on the probabilities within the game.  Learn the odds and you can destroy friends and remove any fun from the game.  

Expected Income Per Opponent Roll on all Properties Assuming Preferred Short Jail Stay
SquareSingle PropertyOwn Whole BlockOne HouseTwo HousesThree HousesFour HousesHotel
Mediterranean Avenue0.04260.08530.21310.63941.91823.41025.3284
Baltic Avenue0.08650.17300.43251.29743.89236.91979.7308
Oriental Avenue0.13570.27150.67862.03596.10789.048612.4418
Vermont Avenue0.13930.27850.69632.08896.26669.283912.7653
Connecticut Avenue0.18400.36810.92012.30036.901010.351513.8020
St. Charles Place0.27020.54031.35084.052512.157516.885420.2624
States Avenue0.23720.47441.18603.558110.674414.825617.7907
Virginia Avenue0.29580.59161.47894.436812.324517.254222.1840
St. James Place0.39090.78191.95475.584815.358320.943126.5279
Tennessee Avenue0.41100.82202.05495.871216.145722.016927.8880
New York Avenue0.49360.98732.46816.787418.511024.681430.8517
Kentucky Avenue0.51051.02092.55237.089619.850924.813729.7764
Indiana Avenue0.49240.98482.46216.839219.149823.937328.7248
Illinois Avenue0.63721.27433.18589.557323.893229.468335.0434
Atlantic Avenue0.59561.19122.97798.933821.657626.395231.1328
Ventnor Avenue0.58931.17872.94678.840221.430926.118930.8069
Marvin Gardens0.62071.24133.10339.309821.981426.507031.0326
Pacific Avenue0.69611.39223.480610.441724.096329.451134.1365
North Carolina Avenue0.68251.36513.412710.238223.626628.876933.4710
Pennsylvania Avenue0.70021.40043.750911.252825.006330.007535.0088
Park Place0.76521.53053.826210.932024.050428.423232.7960
SquareOne RailroadTwo RailroadsThree RailroadsFour Railroads
Reading Railroad0.81301.62613.25216.5043
Pennsylvania Railroad0.80211.60413.20836.4165
B & O Railroad0.85381.70763.41526.8304
Short Line0.60821.21632.43264.8653
SquareOne UtilityTwo Utilities
Electric Company0.71891.7972
Water Works0.79391.9849

16. Now he is a buzzkill, but for good reason.  Like any good game of monopoly, the game itself came about as a result of a highway robbery of a deal.  As a result there is a game called anti-monopoly , that is not a cheap parody of the game but a true counter game that is as old, if not older than Monopoly.  It is a fascinating story that you should look into, AFTER you are done reading my entire monopoly post.

17. He also gives us Cecil Adams', author of the Straight Dope series of articles, take on the Free Parking controversy. 18. I can't make heads or tales of this map, but it looks good and has SOMETHING to do with monopoly.  I  promise.  It's from a very extensive collecting site.

19.  I bet you thought I'd do something like this.  Well you are wrong.

20. Moving on, let's take a look at a chart that compares Monopoly Money to other virtual currencies.  I love my fellow geeks so very much! 21. A brief but cool discussion about the history of the tokens.

22.  Take a break, go play online.  Just promise to come back!

23. Or find the proper video game version for whatever system or computer you have.

24. You might not get the jokes here, but trust me this is funny!  What if Monopoly rules were written like an RPG's.  A real old school, with the all the funny dice, RPG. 25. PG-13 link warning!  Honest Monopoly!

26. Seven steps to ruin the game forever.  You really don't enjoy playing it anyway.  Monopoly is like Tequila, it always sounds like a good idea at the time, but it never ever ends well.

27.  Good Design is hard to find.  Wow, is all I have to say about how good this looks.

Let's take a visit with Mr. Monopoly, shall we?

28.  He was the 6th richest fictional character in 2006.  Just behind Jed Clampet and just ahead of Bruce Wayne.  Let's not discuss how well he has fared since.  Let's just say that there is no justice.

29. Sometimes he is referred to as Rich Uncle Pennybags.  This is an interesting take on his history.

30. Wikipedia agrees,

31. but Hasbro  says his name is Mr. Monopoly.  Then again these were the idiots that made free parking nothing but a useless space, maybe we should call him what we want.  Enjoy the other fun facts though!

32. I always approve of creative graffiti!

33. Macy's Day Parade.

34. Apparently he has his very own blog.  Not really, but I have no problems with taking his name in vain. 35. Of course he has his own christmas ornament!

36. Times are tough for everyone kids.  Even Mr. Monopoly has gone bankrupt.

37. I don't think the man has ever owned a monocle! Plus the game for the Wii is pretty good.

38.  And lastly he has been a Slot Tycoon since 1998.  Yes Mr. Monopoly is a one arm bandit!

39. We need a lolcat :

40. Some idiot let Kermit be the banker!!  He cheats!

We are going to move onto an Etsy section now.  When I did Tetris an etsy search got me 3 pages, half of which were irrelevant.  For monopoly? Eleven.  Wow.  I could not fit everything I found on etsy in here.  All of it is amazing and I apologize to those who did not get a plug.  Go to etsy yourself and do a search for monopoly!

41.  We'll start with cool chick who uses monopoly games to make handbags.  Go To Jail was cool, but I liked Luxury Tax better.

42. Earrings.  Although it would be cooler if the pair of earrings were space pairs like Boardwalk and Park Place, but they are cool regardless!

43. Notebooks.  Some of this stuff is simple and obvious, but that just makes the hard work the put into actually making it that much more worthwhile to me.

44. Pendants.  Take a ride on the Reading!  ;)  Don't blame me!  You'd make that joke yourself if I had not made it for you!

44. Clash of the Tokens!

45. Don't worry honey, he's just an old flame.

46. How much is your true love worth?  Mine is $140, easy!  I will be using him for future 100 projects, I can tell you that right now!

47. I think this might be sending the wrong message.  almost as bad as the "Game Over" message from that Tetris Bracelet.

48. Coaster set, or the whole board shrunk down to coaster size.

49. Keychains.  British ones at that!  Super tax, silly Brits.

50. Cufflinks!


51. Wall Clock.

52. Gift Tags.

53. Customized moving announcements.

54. Mosiac Poster.  Check the rest of things on his page!  Other mosiacs and a cool pop-art painting of Mr. Monopoly.

55. I have no idea which joke to make here.  This person however rules!

56. Drawstring backpack.  Once again, simple = awesome.

57. Now that we are moving on I am hungry!

58. Three from Nerdcore.  First, There Will Be Monopoly!

59. And Helvetica Monpoly.  Another one for my design geek friends.  They do however need to show me the money.

60. Lastly we have a Steampunk inspired Monopoly.  With a train that moves whenever someone lands on a railroad.  Just hit play, it is a slideshow not a movie and the instructions are in english.  Here are the non-flash version of the instructions.

61. Another LolCat is needed here.

62.  Fact: The IPDB lists no Tetris pinball machine, but it does list a Monopoly one.  Therefore Monoploy > Tetris.  I'm sorry it's science.

63.  Apparently there is, in the Italian history of the game, a Fascist Edition of the game from 1935.  The streets are named from places in Milan and has a couple of rules changes.  A very interesting read.

64.  Let's take a third look at the Statistics of Monopoly.  Who knew so many people would be that interested in this aspect of the game.  His take is worthy because it's not about how frequently people land on different squares.  No, he looks at the game from a random walk point of view.

65. Monopoly, the scratch ticket.  Those crazy Euros!

66.  It seems simple and obvious but Monopoly is a great teaching tool for children.  Above and beyond the truth that Mom can and will rip you off blind if you aren't careful.  It does not mean she doesn't love you, it's just that she wants to win.  She also does not want to raise a crybaby.

67.  World's Largest Permanent Outdoor Monopoly Game.  Do you know the way to San Jose?

68.  Cross-stitch Monopoly.  Really.

69.  The things we argue about.  Ah, nothing like family love.

70.  Set your plans now!  Monopoly World Championship are being held in October at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas.  The US Championships are being held on Tax Day!  Here is a PDF file for the 2004 WC's rules.

71.  The Top 10 Nerdiest Tokens.

72.  You're the man now, dog!   This one is my favorite.

73.  Poem of truth about the game!

74.  Let's move from there to McDonalds with stupid people buying pieces on Ebay and Craigslist.  Holycrap, how stupid can you be?!?!?  Like anyone would sell the rare piece??!?!

75.  This guy does not like Monopoly very much.

76.  This guy however does like Monopoly an awful lot.

77. Check out these Community Chest and Chance cards from before they started using Mr. Monopoly.  Apparently Beauty Contests used to be worth more than they are now.  I blame the internet.

78.  Check out the rest of that site, especially the How old is my Monopoly section.

79.  Another item added to my list of things to never ever buy for my wife.

80.  Mugs, you cannot have obsession without coffee mugs!  I know they are British.  I don't understand

81.  And speaking of those silly Brits, where would they be without an umbrella?

82.  Now I have gone this far without really getting into the House Rules discussion.  This site has a pretty good list, with explanations.  Some of these I like and they did miss a few that I use.

83.  Braille Monopoly.  Being the banker was never a better deal.  Buy it.

84.  Monopoly the Documentary!  Filming now!  *waves*  Yeah, so I linked to them twice and didn't realize it right away, big deal.  I'm not fixing it.

85. I've played Monopoly with a seven year old.  It was far more like a real game of monopoly than this one.

86.   Mr. Monopoly has mad moves.  Take that Geoffrey!

87.  Soprano's playing Monopoly somehow does not end in bloodshed.    They swear up a storm, so you know it's really them, but no deaths.  Shocking.

88. Be the first on your block to own The Card Game,  The Dice Game, or The Child Version.

89. Don't forget to practice those age old values, of sharing and co-operation with The Sesame Street Edition  Yes, I think that may be the biggest contradiction ever.  Sesame Street Monopoly, where everyone ends up being Oscar the Grouch.

90.  Cheese.  Yes, cheese.  I have no idea what to say about that, at all.

91.  Cake.  Do not eat Go!  Do not collect 200 calories.

92.  Family Guy shows us what really happens when you go to jail.

93.  Awesome story about the swindling ways of the 1999 Monopoly World Champ.  This guy, was a champ!

94.  The Daily Show uses Monopoly to show us the error of our ways in Iraq, FIVE YEARS AGO!  We should have listened.  I'd embed it, but their embed links sucks.

95.  I don't know what worse, the words "punches 13 year old stepson" or "monopoly addict".  Either way, this guy is a winner.

96. Wow, a refreshing cynical-free list of the life lessons that can be learned from Monopoly.  See kids, capitalism isn't bad, cut-throat greed and selfishness are.

97.  Feeling inadequate?  Need a bigger Battleship?

98.  Have a rockin keychain collection?  Missing some tokens though?  No problem, we've got you covered.

99.  Remember: On the eighth day God created Monopoly.

100.  The Best Version of Monopoly.  The game moves faster, there is more action and it is basically the game tweaked just right.  And it makes all those charts and graphs I linked to you, absolutely meaningless!  

Note: I jacked all these videos and pics.  I am pimping your crap so stop crying and don't ruin my post. This has been fun, and as always, a learning experience.  I truly feel I am a better Monopoly player and will gladly kick your ass any day of the week, as long as I am the battleship!

PS- I'd like to thank the internet gods for not having this be an epic piece of lost blog post.
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