Sunday, December 7, 2008

Third String QuarterBack

All sports posts have moved.  There new home is over at Third String Quarter Back.

Last picked or odd man out, just as it's always been.  But I still have a point of view and I'm still going to share it.  Go enjoy the launch post NFL Cthulhu.  And all of my future BCS Defense and Steroids Hall of Fame posts.  What is here will stay, and has been cross posted, but new sports posts will stay there.

Why the split?  Because I want to have a blog with a focus.  This one is nice and I enjoy dropping all of madness here, but I do want something with a theme and that can be categorized.  It's a Sports Blog.  Sure there are a million, but none like mine.  So instead of my madness being the purpose, it's the difference.  It will help me build an audience.  This is for me, that one I actually want people to read.

The Steroids Hall of Fame will go back to being a weekly feature.  The BCS defending shall be as random as it always is, but usually during football season.  I do, however, have a very painful surprise in store for the off season.  I am sure you'll hate it.  It is mean, and ugly and will piss people off, because it is true and no one wants to admit it.  The NFL Cthulhu will be a semi-ongoing thing if I can find more pictures of what is a very common thing.  (Help please!)  And I will bring back my Mock Madness for it's second season.  There are other things I want to do as well, but these few things will keep me active and will justify it's own space.

There may or may not ever been another idea that justifies it's own space.  Because separation means a level of seriousness that this space will never ever get.  This is a playground for my amusement alone.  Any other blogs I do will be places I want people to come and visit.
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