Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama election roundup

Here are a crap ton of links about election!

Yes We Did!  Celebratory swag.
And an Election Night photoset.  
visualization of Wikipedia edits.
Editorial cartoons.
Dewey Wins! for the 21st century.
Welcome Mr. President

Kudos on the above, whose blog I scan for English text.

If you have read my blog previously then you know The Onion has an amazing Sports Section!

Michael Irvin DOES NOT do a line to celebrate, he actually speaks very eloquently upon the subject.  I apologize about making another coke joke.  I have a problem.


Family Values.

Obama looks like such a frigging geek.

Another really nice cartoon about the win.

It's a trap!

What I want for Xmas, so I can wear them on inauguration day.  Yes they are really called that!

A cool picture from inside an Obama campaign office, as taken by the sister of a friend of mine.

50 Things you did not know about Barrack Obama.

One last, I mean it this time, Sarah Palin joke .
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