Sunday, November 2, 2008

Misdirection Play 11-2

We start again this week with the Hock's take on Happy Gilmore  John Daly.  As I said last week about Seattle, fortune's change in the world of sports.  John went from the top to Mc Hammer-ville and the Phillies went from Loserville to winners.  It's a wacky world.  Yes I used the word wacky, you try picking a better word.

A Tri-fecta from the Onion this week!  Big Ben , Isiah Thomas , and a moonlighting Olympic Rifleman.

The Athlist brings us a new take on the idea that Refs need glasses.

My attempt to ignore the World Series mostly worked.  As a result I failed to send you here in a timely manner.  It is still funny though.

Once again congratulations Philly , you'll still always be loserville to me.

Your weekly cheating recap!

Winning new concept in the world of Blogging, the Virtual Book Tour.  Look every blogger wants to have a book published, but none of them are motivated enough to step away from the computer and travel, so why not just guest blog.  BRILLIANT!

The lovely Kelly Ripa will never have a career in sports broadcasting.  She had to have been set up on this, but who cares.  Hot blond chicks swearing will always rule.  Sorry she's teflon, long standing crush.

Speaking of swearing blonds, the Wife (aka The Editor) and I saw Zack and Miri last night.  It was good, if you like Kevin Smith movies.  It was Kevin Smith but more "refined", in terms of film making and story telling, NOT subject matter.  We saw some great old faces, listened to a killer soundtrack, and a fun time was had.  The name is 100% misleading because the lead actress never shows us her breasts.  Yeah it's an Undercover Romantic Comedy.  There are Tits, but not the ones you want to see.  There's saggy balls too, but seriously.  I call false advertising!

That's it, see you next week.  Really, one week I promise.
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