Monday, November 3, 2008

EUBUA 11-3

Halloween is over but this costumed ruled!

Futurama sells out.  Bender on not stealing.  Wow this will work, because everyone feels pity for the TV and Movie industry.

Congratulations Miami , we are all so proud of your accomplishment.

These are too awesome to eat.

Eternally useful, that is what Duct Tape is.

When will people learn, do not mess with Late night talk show hosts!  They will F you up!

Google is at it again.  Now if only they will give to Reader all those cool labeling tools that Gmail has.  I want to label each post not just star and share them.

I doubt McCain will look or feel this good on Wednesday morning.

If only I went to dentists with names like these.

The factory of the Future. Plus your This Day in Geek History.


What it is like to be part of a winning team.

Yesterday in Geek History.
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