Monday, November 10, 2008

EUBUA 11-10

Eternally Useless But Utterly Awesome links for the week of the 10th.

or you can get the R2D2 aquarium.

Toddler vs Cat  guess who won?

I subscribed!  Seriously, to the Orbital Debris Quarterly.

Glad I did not see this a year ago.

Oh Bother!

Awesome name!  He's a winner.  No I was not going to post that Captain Fantastic idiot.

The Disney-ite in all of us will want one.

A look at a scary place, the mind of a college student.

I void warranties  t-shirt.

Super cool working heart.

The cold truth about Rock, Papers, Scissors.

Inanimate faces.

And I apologize but when people go too far and break the law they should be punished.  Even if it is a tax code.  Separate but Equal is unconstitutional.

See you next week.
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