Sunday, November 16, 2008

BCS Defender: The Detours to Dreamville

Only a handful of detours remain to the collective wet dream BCS Final of the Big-12 Champ vs the SEC Champ.  It only boils down to two or three ways out.

1) Florida Loses to Citadel or FSU then wins SEC Championship game.

2) Missouri wins the Big-12 Championship Game.

Odds one of these happening?  Pretty darn good.  Only once since 1992 has the Big-12 met the SEC for the National Championship.  Conference Championship games are the reason why.  So if your perfect match-up does not happen do not blame the BCS, blame the conference championship games.

If I had to put money on one it is Missouri winning the Big-12, after-all this is defense free conference, and Chase has been there before.
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