Monday, November 24, 2008

BCS Defender: Conference Tie-breakers

The cluster-F that is the Big 12 south is strickly a problem for the Big 12.  Yes it has BCS implications BUT the same problems would exist in a playoff world.  I won't go into this further because I need to head off to work soon.  What I will do is defend my point by linking you to BCS conference tie-breakers to show that BCS ranking is not nearly as important a tiebreaker, if at all, in the other BCS conferences.

Big 12

SEC   (scroll down)

Pac 10

Big 10

Big East  (PDF file, chrome users Beware!)


So only the Big East uses the BCS rankings as such a high tiebreaker as the Big 12.  The other 4 conferences use it as the last resort or next to last resort before flipping a coin or drawing lots.  But people still blame this 3 way 1 loss tie on the BCS.  Set up a playoff scenario that does not completely screw 1 if not 2 of these teams.  Then tell me who your precious playoff would handle Missouri winning the Big 12 Championship.

I say it to be snarky, I say it to raise a point:
The Big 12 should have a playoff.
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